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The R700 billion market for Blue Gold: Your ticket to BIG money in 2014

by , 02 December 2013

Since 1950, the world's population has doubled. In the meantime, the amount of fresh water available has stayed constant, at best.
So what that means is one-third of the world's population is short of water! A massive water shortage is on its way.
Water is becoming scarcer and scarcer… Which is why we call “Blue Gold”.
Because it's about to become about as valuable as gold.
In South Africa, the situation is deteriorating rapidly.
So to save the day, the South African Department of Water needs to spend at least R700 billion on water infrastructure to prevent our taps from running dry…
And I've found a way for you to get your portion of that…
Why investing in Blue Gold is key
According to the most recent report by the department, water demand will completely outstrip supply within the next ten to 15 years.
One thing has become clear, like the director general himself said, “investment [in water] has become key”.
Demand for water is soaring, supply is limited – you HAVE to invest…
Blue Gold is about to become MORE valuable than actual gold.
Because we need it to survive…  
How population growth is endangering our water supply
Parts of India and China have among the worst water supplies on earth. And that’s not to mention the precarious position Africa’s water supply is in…
The most obvious reason for this is population growth. 
In the last 20 years alone, India’s population grew by 350 million people, while China added 210 million. And more people mean more demand for drinking water, of course.
But the real drain on water supplies is growing demand for food…
Agriculture accounts for 70% of the world’s total water withdrawals.
The movement of more and more people to cities has also increased pressure on water supplies.
In 2008, for the first time, more of the earth’s people lived in cities and towns than in the countryside.
This trend is even taking place here in South Africa. 
Gauteng’s population has grown as people have moved from rural areas in other provinces to Gauteng in search of jobs. In the last ten years alone, more than one million people migrated to Gauteng from rural areas.
The lifestyles of city dwellers mean they use up much more water than their country cousins. As cities continue to grow and become wealthier, changing diets and higher use of water for sanitation will cause demand for water to rocket even further…
And water supply to shrink even more. That’s why the opportunity to invest in Blue Gold comes at just the right time. 
Because the price of water is about to soar. 
An investment opportunity in Blue Gold
Red Hot Penny Shares senior analyst, Francois Joubert has found a company that’s partnered with India’s largest water treatment specialist, Ion Exchange India—a global expert that makes R17 billion in annual sales!
Its expertise lies in sewage water treatment plants, ion exchangers (hence its name) and water quality monitoring equipment.
All of these services are things that are very likely to attract spend from government’s R700 billion water budget in the coming years.
In fact, if the company Francois’s talking about can only get 0.1% of government’s R700 billion it could triple the company’s revenue…
All the details of this great investment opportunity are in the latest issue of Red Hot Penny Shares
Sign up today to find out how you too can get your portion of the R700 billion government is about to fork out… 

The R700 billion market for Blue Gold: Your ticket to BIG money in 2014
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