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Strategic ways to manage your debt

by , 24 October 2014

Responsible financial planning includes proper debt management. You can't claim to be financially independent if you're still struggling with debt and even acquiring more debt than you already have.

Debt management doesn't have to be difficult, as long as you act responsibly and practice self-control and discipline.

In order to take control of your debt, take into consideration the following tips.
Think long and hard before taking out a loan
Many people take out loans without considering the implications. Consider the total cost of the loan and if you will be able to afford it. It’s better to be cautious than to dive blindly into a pool of debt and regret it later.
Avoid unplanned purchases
Many people get buried into consumer debt because they keep making unplanned purchases using their credit cards. Debt can seriously affect your entire life, so take time to plan your purchases and avoid buying you don’t really need. Always give yourself a few days to think before making an important purchase.
Pay off credit cards with the highest interest rates first
Do you want to get rid of debt? Then start by paying off all consumer debt, starting with the highest interest rate credit cards.
Making saving a priority
If your main goal is to reduce your total debt, then make saving a priority. The more you save, the sooner you’ll be able to pay off your debt and stay debt-free.
Create an emergency fund
Saving is not enough, you also need an emergency fund. In case of trouble, you need to be prepared. This will help you handle anticipated costs without getting into more debt.

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Strategic ways to manage your debt
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