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How to earn Crypto-currency dividends

by , 13 July 2020
How to earn Crypto-currency dividends
In Wednesday's Q&A, I received the following question.

“Could you please provide a few crypto currency companies that pay dividends?”

When I gave an answer, this made me think…

Could crypto investing be the future of passive income?

I realised that with the number of crypto currencies that are distributing dividends now days - I believe YES!

And in this article, I am going to go further and explain how you can earn dividends from a few of the top crypto currencies available today.

Let's start with…

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What is a crypto dividend?
Normally when we talk about ‘dividends’, we think about the divided profits (rewards) from a company’s earnings to its shareholders.
Either the board of directors approves and votes on how the dividends will be released. Either they can be distributed as cash payments, shares or any other asset.
But with crypto-currencies, it’s different.
Crypto dividends are rewards that are paid in the form of tokens in return for investments made by crypto currency holders.
There are two ways a crypto dividend can be paid.
The most common way a crypto dividend is paid, comes from the fees the crypto trader pays when booking and executing a trade order.
The percentage of the trading fee is then split and distributed to the holders on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.
Another way a dividend is paid, comes from a portion of the net profits of the company.
Now that you have an idea on how traders receive crypto-dividends, let’s dig into how to own them…
Five top paying crypto-dividend exchanges
Crypto-dividend #1: KuCoin
KuCoin was established in 2017.
It is a Hong Kong based exchange which has its own currency, known as KuCoin Shares (KCS).
When it comes to dividends, the exchange finances out of revenues from website advertisements, trading fees and interest from cash holdings.
Here’s a quick table on how the KuCoin dividends payments work:
Crypto-dividend #2: NEO
NEO is one of the most popular block chain projects at the moment.
It is also labelled as the “Chinese Ethereum”, due to its popularity and the fact that it’s based on smart contracts.
When you keep funds in a NEO portfolio, you’ll be able to receive a dividend pay-out in the token known as NEOGas.
In other words, Gas is a separate token that the NEO network uses to pay for the running of smart contracts.
Here’s a quick table summary on how the NEO dividend payments work:
Crypto-dividend #3: Neblio
Neblio, similar to Ethereum, is a next-gen growing block chain technology.
In simple terms, it is an open-source, decentralised platform that is built for dApps (Decentralised Apps) and business-level applications and services.
When it comes to earning dividends with Neblio (NEBL), it’s a little different.
First, the dividend payments work according to a lottery system which is distributed by a computing process.
And second, the NEBL must be kept in an online wallet.
The trick with Neblio is, the more you hold and the longer you hold, the higher the chance and amount you’ll be rewarded…
Here’s a summary on how the Neblio dividend payments work.
Crypto-dividend #4: PIVX
PIVX or Private Instant Verification Transactions, is one of the most popular upcoming privacy coins.
Privacy and decentralisation is a big thing when it comes to crypto-currency holders.
PIVX brings the solution to bring anonymous financial transactions using its xPIV sub currency.
Here’s a summary on how the PIVX dividend payments work.
Crypto-dividend #5: NavCoin
NavCoin is also one of the oldest and most popular anonymous crypto-currencies around.
Essentially, it is an open source, block chain crypto-currency which nobody owns or controls.
NavCoin is also an easy to buy and hold digital currency, which everyone can take part of.
As its run by all of the users, the network is also designed to incentivise the holders by means of dividends.
Here’s a summary on how the NavCoin dividend payments work.
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Final thoughts
Please note, these are only some of the crypto-currencies that pay dividends.
And now you have an understanding on how it works in the crypto-world.
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Trade well, 
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader 
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How to earn Crypto-currency dividends
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