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  • Consumer inflation ticks higher in line with expectations
  • Earlier today, Stats SA released its consumer inflation data for October, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI). Over the period, inflation rose slightly. Let's take a closer look at what the data revealed… Consumer inflation comes in at 4.7% for October   On a year-on-year basis, consumer inflation rose 0.1% from September to 4.7% in October, reports Fin24. On a mon... ››› more
  • [18 November 2015]
  • Consumers could face another hefty hike to electricity tariffs if Eskom gets its way
  • It looks like another tariff hike could be looming for electricity users. Eskom has applied to the National Energy Regulator of South African (NERSA) for approval to raise a shortfall. This could see a double digit rise to electricity tariffs from next year. Let's take a closer look at what's going on…   Eskom is seeking to recoup R22.8 billion   Today, Eskom applied to th... ››› more
  • [12 November 2015]
  • The weak rand and drought are bad news for food prices
  • The rand has continued weaker this year. While this in itself has inflationary consequences, it could get worse for consumers. This as the drought affecting much of the country means food prices are set to rise and importing food will be more expensive because of the weak currency. Let's take a closer look… Food imports mean rising food prices   Grain SA has warned that food... ››› more
  • [12 November 2015]
  • Fuel prices will be cheaper at the pump come Wednesday
  • On Saturday, the Department of Energy announced its changes to the prices of fuel for November. It revealed good news for motorists as both the petrol price and the diesel price will fall. Let's take a closer look… Fuel prices fall all round   On 4 November, the “price of all grades of petrol [and] the wholesale price of both grades of diesel” will fall, reports Fin24. T... ››› more
  • [02 November 2015]
  • Producer inflation rises on the back of higher food prices
  • Earlier today, Stats SA released its producer inflation figures for September. The data showed a slight rise in the key economic indicator compared to the same period last year. Yet lower fuel prices helped to offset a larger rise. Let's take a closer look at what the data revealed… Producer inflation rose to 3.6% Producer inflation, as measured by the producer price index (PPI... ››› more
  • [29 October 2015]
  • A US interest rate hike is off the cards for now, but it could be just two months away
  • Yet again, after much speculation, the US Federal Open Market Committee decided to keep interest rates unchanged. But the committee hinted that a hike could happen at its next meeting in December. Let's take a closer look… The Fed surprised the market with hints of an interest rate hike in December Going with overall consensus, the Fed kept interest rates the same, reports BDLive.... ››› more
  • [29 October 2015]
  • The South African rate of unemployment edges higher
  • This morning, Stats SA released its unemployment figures for the third quarter of the year. The rate rose from the second quarter. The rise in the number out of work coincides with an economy struggling to grow. Let's take a closer look… Unemployment rises to 25.5% The rate of unemployment in South Africa has risen 0.5% to 25.5% from July to September, reports Fin24. Whilst the ra... ››› more
  • [27 October 2015]
  • Revision to visa regulations applauded after drop in tourism
  • Revision to visa regulations applauded after drop in tourism
    At the beginning of the month, the release of tourism data showed that the new visa regulations the South African government imposed were taking their toll. This led the tourism industry to ask the government to remove the new regulations as numbers showed they were having a big impact on the number of tourists visiting SA. Not good news for an economy already under pressure. The governme... ››› more
  • [26 October 2015]
  • Is a credit rating downgrade looming for SA?
  • Is a credit rating downgrade looming for SA?
    Last week when the finance minister gave his medium-term budget speech, the rand fell sharply. The contents of Nhlanhla Nene's mini budget along with the student protests going on outside parliament were not good news for the country's currency or for its credit ratings. Now there seems to be the very real possibility of a credit downgrade. Let's take a closer look… SA’s credit ... ››› more
  • [26 October 2015]
  • What yesterday's mini budget means for South Africa
  • Finance minister Nhlanhla Nene had to delay his medium-term budget yesterday as student protests outside of parliament took centre stage. The rand fell sharply from the beginning of the mini budget until Nene had finished his address. And now there's the stark reality of South Africa's credit rating being at risk of further downgrades. Let's take a closer look at what's going on… ... ››› more
  • [22 October 2015]
  • What Nene revealed in his medium-term budget
  • Today saw finance minister Nhlanhla Nene give his medium-term budget. Whilst he didn't drop in any surprises, he did say that the Treasury would be looking at ways to increase tax revenues. Let's take a closer look… South African economic growth should start rising next year Last year, the Treasury introduced a number of austerity measures to cut back spending, reports Fin24. Nene... ››› more
  • [21 October 2015]
  • No change to consumer inflation in September
  • Earlier today, Stats SA released its consumer inflation data for last month. The key economic indicator, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), showed no change from August. Let's take a closer look… Consumer inflation remains at 4.6% South Africa’s rate of consumer inflation remained unchanged at 4.6% last month on a year-on-year basis, reports IOL. But looking at the ... ››› more
  • [21 October 2015]
  • The IMF cuts South African economic growth forecasts again
  • Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its global economic growth forecasts. The organisation cut its growth forecasts for this year and next. The forecasts are lower than others, including the South African Reserve Bank's. So what does the IMF think lies ahead for SA? Let's take a closer look… The IMF pencils in lower economic growth The IMF believes that ec... ››› more
  • [07 October 2015]
  • Business confidence slides to a multi-decade low
  • Yesterday, the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) revealed that business confidence in the country hit a 22 year low last month. So what's causing business confidence to continue to fall? Let's take a closer look… Business confidence plunged to 81.6 Last month, business confidence sunk to hit “its lowest level since the end of apartheid,” reports Fin24. Thi... ››› more
  • [07 October 2015]

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