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Are you ready for the rand to hit R60 to the dollar?

by , 16 May 2016
Are you ready for the rand to hit R60 to the dollar?
Chris Hart, regular contributor to the South African Investor predicts that the rand will hit R60 to the dollar by 2019. He also believes that credit ratings agencies will soon declare South Africa's junk status before the end of this year. This is bad news for South African Investors. But just how worried should you be? And is there anything you can do to hedge your investments against this eventuality?

South Africais teetering on the edge of junk

According to Chris, the fact that Moody’s rating agency has kept its outlook of South Africa two notches above junk status is nothing to be proud about. You see, other rating agencies like Fitch and Standard Poor’s could downgrade the country to junk.

If the country is reduced to junk status, you would need to make some serious decisions with your investments. The first step you’d need to take would be to make sure that you protect your investments from the impending economic downturn.

Fortunately, FSPinvest’s flagship publication, The South African Investor,  saw the failing of the rand coming. That’s why every month it has committed to find the best defensive shares and investing strategies to make sure that it’s members don’t lose their money to a falling market.

Joshua Benton, editor of the South African Investor says, “If Chris is right about the ratings downgrade, the lowest the rand will go before the end of the year is R16,30 to the dollar. If something drastic is not done to improve the economic situation in South Africa we can expect the rand to tank against the dollar in 2017.”

Joshua continues, “Now more than ever investors should be looking to safeguard their investment capital. Alternative investment like gold and silver may not be enough. You’d also have to look to the JSE to find shares rand hedge shares that pay dividends and that can withstand any long-term economic conditions.”

At the next South African Investor member meeting, Joshua, Chris and the team of investment experts linked to the South African Investor will share their outlook on the rand and tell you what shares wll be best to protect your portfolio.

To get your hands on all the best asset protection strategies at the next South African Investor member meeting, you must be a member of the South African Investor.

Once you sign up, the board of governors will send you a private invitation to the event happening in Johannesburg on 24 May 2015. 

Are you ready for the rand to hit R60 to the dollar?
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