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As I predicted the rand hit yet another low against the dollar - Here's what you must do

by , 17 May 2016
As I predicted the rand hit yet another low against the dollar - Here's what you must do
Yesterday I warned investors that the rand will lose strength against the dollar because of the rumours that the Hawks want to arrest Pravin Gordhan for his involvement in the establishment of the SARS rogue unit while he was the tax agency's commissioner. As I expected, that's exactly what happened. But now, where to from here? Is it time for South African investors to be really worried? And what can you do right now to protect yourself from the imminent crisis?
The rand took a nasty hit yesterday

According to Thompson Reuters, the Rand hit its weakest level since 17 March 2016 trading at R15,63 to the dollar yesterday. This proves that dangerous political and economic rumours have the potential to wipe out any gains we may be making in the markets right now.

Even though the presidency denied the rumours, it’s deeply concerning that South African investors and consumers are paying the ultimate price for irresponsible practices by our government. And it’s only going to get worse.

It seems that government, and even opposition parties in parliament are oblivious to the fact that when they make ridiculous media statements, you pay the ultimate price for their recklessness.

South Africa is on a knife’s edge right now

You only need to think about news reports related to Nkandla, the Guptas, EFF disrupting our parliament and students burning down education centres because they are unhappy with our leaders. These are only some of the problems plaguing our currency and the JSE right now.

Our colleague, Chris Hart recently reported that he expects the rand to tank to at least R60 to the dollar. The markets are operating on a knife’s edge at the moment and it is important that you start looking for alternative ways to protect your investments from the onslaught of negative data coming out of South Africa.

The situation is more serious than we thought...
This is why The Board of Governors of the South African Investor, have decided to allow you access to the next South African Investor member meeting.
Usually, this event is exclusively available to South African Investor members only. But new data from the financial markets are showing that we’re in for a tough investment environment for the rest of 2016.
Our pillar one advisors believe that if you’re not prepared, what’s to come, could potentially wipe out your investment portfolio.
You can personally ask Chris and your pillar one advisors any investment questions
on 24 May 2016 in Johannesburg

If you accept this information, you’ll become a part of a privileged group of investors. You and the South African Investor members will have the opportunity to speak to Chris and your Pillar One Advisors, Francois Joubert, Gary Booysens and Guy Algeo first hand. 
This is a privilege not easily granted to everyone, so don’t let it slip through your fingers. 
At this exclusive member meeting we’ll show you:
•          Why the rand is expected to hit R60 to the US Dollar
•          The best investment protection strategies for your portfolios right now
•          An insider’s view on retirement reform
•          Three ‘deep value’ small caps you must have in your portfolio – Exclusive for attendees only
***We’ll round the evening off with a panel discussion with all our in-house and guest experts***
If you’ve been to a South African Investor member meeting before, you know how important this is.
Remember, we’re limiting access to 100 members only. So book your seat now to avoid disappointment.

As I predicted the rand hit yet another low against the dollar - Here's what you must do
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