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Stage two load shedding kicks off as Eskom continues its struggle

by , 17 April 2015

For the sixth day in a row, South Africa will endure yet more load shedding.

This morning, Eskom announced that it would be resorting to stage two load shedding as power supplies continue to be under severe pressure.

Let's take a closer look at what's going on…

After four hours of stage one load shedding, Eskom moves to stage two

After kicking off the day at stage one load shedding, Eskom cranked it up to stage two from 10am, says Fin24. The power utility expects this to continue until 10pm this evening.

Eskom blames the current load shedding on “further shortage of generation capacity and to build up reserves to lessen the impact of load shedding,” adds Fin24.

The power utility is struggling as “unplanned maintenance caused by technical faults” takes its toll, says the SABC.

This comes after Eskom has resorted to stage three load shedding twice this week, notes BDLive. This was thanks to “unplanned outages and depleted diesel stocks”.

Two years of load shedding misery lie ahead

Earlier this week, Lynne Brown, the minister for public enterprises, warned that “South Africans should expect load shedding to be a way of life for at least the next two years,” says the SABC. She advised South Africans to “find a way to save electricity and manage their productivity during the few hours of load shedding when it occurs”.

Yesterday, Tina Joemat-Pettersson, the minister for energy, “announced a raft of new plans for the acceleration of electricity generation by private sector power producers,” notes BDLive. This includes renewables and other schemes with gas and coal.

With load shedding a daily occurrence this week, at this stage it doesn’t look like the weekend will pass without any power supply issues. And any new plans to add to capacity won’t help in the short-term.

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Stage two load shedding kicks off as Eskom continues its struggle
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