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Why you better pray Janet Yellen keeps talking

by , 04 April 2014

The Fed's Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, is one of the most powerful women in the world.

Her words hold more power than you can imagine...

And if she says a certain number of words in her next press statement, your profits will soar.

Let me explain why this will happen.

Yellen tells you how the market will perform in a unique way
You see, there’s a direct relationship between how much Yellen says and what happens in the markets.  It doesn’t matter if she says something wonderful, or shocking. What she says is almost completely irrelevant. 
People spend days on end looking for hints about what the Fed plans for the future, but it really doesn’t matter. Only that she keeps talking.
In 1994 the first Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) press statement was released and it was only 99 words.
Yellen’s first statement was 877 words by comparison – a 785% increase in 20 years.
This could be for a number of reasons. The growth of the internet, the media’s interest, or simply a more communicative Fed. But the fact is, the reason doesn’t matter. Because these words can show you how the markets will perform.
The more words, the more assets, the more profits 
You see, there is a direct correlation between the rising word count and Fed assets. Just take a look at this chart to see what I mean:

The more Yellen speaks, the bigger the Fed’s Assets grow. And that’s great news for you as an investor.
Take a look at the chart below…

This shows that the US stock market moves all perfectly in line with the Fed’s balance sheet. And this balance sheet, has risen nearly perfectly with the number of words spoken by the Fed.
In other words… The more the Fed speaks, the higher markets climb and that means more profits for you.
So how can you take advantage of this?

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Check the words and you can grow your wealth!
What you should hope for is that Yellen keeps talking. About what doesn’t really matter – just as long as she doesn’t keep her mouth shut. 
As I explained the US market rises the more the Fed talks. And when the US market rises, it generally means our market will rise. But the best way to play this is to invest in the DBX USA ETF. Because this ETF will give you profits purely from the American stock market.
So the moment the next FOMC minutes are released you should do a word count. If it's greater than 877 words or around about there, things will probably continue the way they are in a bull market. But if it's dramatically shorter, get ready for rough times ahead.
Thrive in your possibilities,
Jonathan Bachrach

Why you better pray Janet Yellen keeps talking
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