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Profit from emerging market investments by investing in education

by , 13 February 2013

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille said government has to meet the requirements for investment-driven economic growth at this week's Council on Skills (PCS) symposium. She said we need to focus on effective skills development to tackle the Western Cape's ‘brain drain'. And with the most recent survey released by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) showing that urbanisation is on the rise, you'll do well by investing in education and skills development…
Premier Helen Zille has said that the Western Cape has to “ensure that its best skills and capital stay in the province so it becomes one of the best places to invest,” reports Fin24.

As an emerging market, where urbanisation is on the rise and two-thirds of the population now lives in urban areas, according to South Africa.info, there’s no doubt that investing in education is one of the best ways to develop our population’s skills and prevent a brain drain.

Follow the emerging market trend by investing in education to profit from rising  urbanisation

Other emerging markets like China and India are already proving themselves as great investment destinations by developing at roughly ten times the speed of the Industrial Revolution.

And it’s expected that Africa’s rate of urbanisation will have overtaken Asia’s by 2030.

This is mainly because urbanisation is on the rise, which has put quality education front and centre as a great investment opportunity.

Think about it – as more people move to the cities, they need better qualifications to get better paying jobs.

Gavin Fourie writes in MoneyMorning that you can take advantage of this trend by buying stocks that supply what a population with urbanisation on the rise needs most.

Education is key among these emerging market needs.

By investing in stocks that’ll supply these educational needs, your investment portfolio will be positioned to take advantage of urbanisation on the rise and play a role in improving education standards around the world!

Profit from emerging market investments by investing in education
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