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Profit from emerging market investments today

by , 22 February 2013

This week's Budget Speech is expected to boost investors' confidence that our economy is doing well, in an attempt to increase investment in the country. There are already signs that the economy's ready to rally. You can take advantage of this by investing in a number of emerging markets like ours - here's what you need to know.
Many feel President Zuma’s recent State of the Nation Address was vague and scant on detail.

“A backslapping speech with little substance. The Cape Chamber of Commerce is, on the whole, disappointed by the State of the Nation Address,” said Bronwen Kausch, The Cape Chamber of Commerce’s executive manager on Fin24.

The SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci) has now called on Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to reassure investors in this week’s Budget Speech, reports Moneyweb.

Sacci says Gordhan should consider broadening South Africa's relatively small tax base and to ensure domestic and foreign investors that South Africa is a stable and growing economy.

“The minister must provide both domestic and foreign investors with the reassurance of a responsible budget that supports economic stability.”

More local and foreign investment is just around the corner…

But there are already signs that the economy’s doing well.

The JSE has really rallied this year, and Andani Thakhathi says in Money Morning that the market could even go past the 50 000 level mark this year.

Thakhathi adds that emerging markets are the stars of the global economy, so countries like South Africa are well poised to keep attracting foreign equity investment.

Here’s how you can profit from emerging market investments!

“Emerging markets equities are climbing the dividend ladder as we speak,” agrees MoneyMorning.com.

You can profit from this sentiment by investing in offshore emerging markets.

To ensure you’re choosing the right one, choose an emerging market that has a “record of economic liberalisation, functioning equity and debt markets, and significant potential for both economic growth and capital market investment by foreigners,” explains MoneyWeek.

And you don’t even have to pick and choose between them.

With the iShares Emerging Markets Dividend Index Fund (NYSE: DVYE), investors can gain access to emerging markets like Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia and Thailand without the commitment of a single stock or ETF exclusively devoted to those nations.

What are you waiting for? Invest in emerging markets today!

Profit from emerging market investments today
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