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The power supply is under strain again as Eskom faces yet another problem

by , 01 April 2014

Yesterday, South Africa's power utility Eskom announced that its electricity supplies are under severe strain. This on the day that its CEO Brian Dames stepped down from his position. This latest issue facing Eskom follows an incident with one of its boilers on Sunday. Let's take a closer look this latest incident…

A boiler incident knocks Eskom’s electricity supply

One of Eskom’s boilers, responsible for producing 600 megawatts, led a “unit to trip on March 30,” says IOL. This took place at the utility’s “Duvha coal-fired plant in the Mpumalanga province”.

In response to the incident, Eskom says it “will rework maintenance plans on South African power plants to ensure” there is enough power to keep up with demand, reports Bloomberg. The power station consists of six units, “each with the capacity to generate 600 megawatts”.

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A spokesman for Eskom, Andrew Etzinger, told Bloomberg today that “while the system is very tight, we are not predicting any load shedding”. Mr Etzinger said that Eskom will be investigating what happened and will provide more information in due course.

It’s less than a month since SA experienced load shedding

This latest blow for Eskom’s power supply comes just weeks after the country faced its first spate of load shedding since 2008. Eskom blamed this issue of wet coal entering a power station, which caused it to breakdown.

Eskom announced the power issue on Brian Dames last day in his role as CEO of Eskom.

He leaves the power utility “at a critical stage in the construction of the new-build programme,” reports MoneyWeb. The programme is “running three years late”.

At time of writing, Eskom’s website warns that the power supply is under severe strain. It urges consumers to turn off as much as they can. But the power utility does say that the “risk of power outages is high”.

So another issue for Eskom to deal with. Let’s hope there are no other issues that could result in more blackouts.

The power supply is under strain again as Eskom faces yet another problem
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