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A simple solution for lazy investors

by , 17 October 2013

You will find this amazing, but some people just aren't interested in investment. No interest in the effect of the US government shutdown, on the sort-of recovery and hence on the stock market; no interest in valuation techniques; and no desire whatsoever to talk about whether Russia is really cheap enough to buy. These people want an easy option for investing their cash. Read on to find out more about a simple solution for lazy investors...

Some people aren’t much interested in gold, global inflation expectations or Chinese corporate governance, Merryn Somerset Webb in Money Morning UK explains...

Many people just want to leave the hard decisions to someone else. Relying on someone else to get the asset allocation and stock picking right through investing in a fund.

But finding a fund that makes things simple isn't easy. There are two problems.

Finding a suitable fund to invest is can be complicated

The first is that there are very few good funds out there catering for lazy investors.

And the second is that even if you can find a competent one that will balance simple asset classes (some equities spread across lots of different markets, some bonds, maybe a little property), invest wisely inside those asset classes and rebalance the whole lot a couple of times a year, it is still all but impossible to explain the current charging complications to anyone who isn’t familiar with the retail investment market.

Clearly, this is all really complicated and only some of us care about it. Most people just want it to go away.

They don’t want to construct their own portfolio and they don’t want to pay an independent financial adviser or a wealth manager to do it for them either.

They want a one-stop shop fund. So what about balanced managed funds?

These were supposed to do exactly what  'lazy investors' want, but have fallen out of favour.

So one place to start your search for an easy solution to investing., is balanced funds. Balanced fund comprise of a careful mix of quality bonds and equities. They could prove the simple solution for lazy investors.

So there you have it, a simple solution for lazy investors.

A simple solution for lazy investors
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