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About the ETF: Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF [JSE:BGREEN]

by , 24 August 2015

Nedbank BettaBeta Green exchange traded fund (ETF) tracks the Nedbank Green Index. The ETF has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange…

Full name: Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF
Short name: BE_GREEN
Ticker: BGREEN
Sector: JSE listed funds

Five top facts about Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF

Fact #1:
Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are funds listed on the stock market. They’re passively managed. ETFs track the performance of an underlying index or asset and trade on the stock market just like shares. You can buy them through your stock broker.

Fact #2:
Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in December 2011.

Fact #3:
Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF tracks the performance of the Nedbank Green Index, which RisCura independently calculates. Making up the fund are shares from the JSE’s top 100 companies that meet environmental and liquidity criteria.

Fact #4:
Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF gives investors exposure to ‘green’ stocks, including SABMiller, Standard Bank and Medi-Clinic.

Fact #5:
Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF has assets under management of R130.375 million.

Chart of Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF’s share price

Chart of Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF's share price

Financial information

For more financial information about Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF, click here.

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About the ETF: Nedbank BettaBeta Green ETF [JSE:BGREEN]
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