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About the ETF: NewFunds ILBI ETF [JSE:NFILBI]

by , 11 September 2015

NewFunds ILBI exchange traded fund (ETF) tracks the Inflation Linked Bond Index (ILBI). The ETF has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange…

Full name: NewFunds ILBI ETF
Short name: NEWFNILBI
Ticker: NFILBI
Sector: JSE listed funds

Five top facts about NewFunds ILBI ETF

Fact #1:
ETFs are passively managed funds. They track the performance of an underlying index. ETFs are listed on the stock market, trading just like shares.

Fact #2:
NewFunds ILBI ETF listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in January 2012. Absa Bank is behind the fund.

Fact #3:
NewFunds ILBI ETF tracks the performance of the ILBI Index. The fund aims to capture the returns of South African government inflation linked bonds.

Fact #4:
NewFunds ILBI ETF invests in South African inflation linked government bonds of different maturities and has a small cash holding. The fund enables investors to invest in low-risk government inflation linked bonds. The fund pays out a monthly dividend to investors.

Fact #5:
The heaviest weighting of NewFunds ILBI ETF is bonds with a maturity of more than 12 years.

Chart of NewFunds ILBI ETF’s share price

Chart of NewFunds ILBI ETF's share price

Financial information

For more financial information about NewFunds ILBI ETF, click here.

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About the ETF: NewFunds ILBI ETF [JSE:NFILBI]
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