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About the ETF: Satrix Divi ETF [JSE:STXDIV]

by , 01 October 2015

Satrix Divi exchange traded fund (ETF) tracks the Johannesburg Stock Exchange's Dividend Plus Index. The ETF has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange…

Full name: Satrix Divi ETF
Short name:
Ticker: STXDIV
Sector: JSE listed funds

Five top facts about Satrix Divi ETF

Fact #1:
ETFs are passively managed funds that aim to track the performance of an underlying index. ETFs are listed on the stock market, trading just like shares.

Fact #2:
Satrix Divi ETF listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in August 2007.

Fact #3:
Satrix Divi ETF tracks the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s Dividend Plus Index. The index consists of the top 30 companies weighted according to their forecast dividend yield, not their market capitalisation, listed on the exchange.

Fact #4:
Satrix Divi ETF is for investors who want exposure to the best quality dividend payers on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The fund pays out a quarterly dividend to investors.

Fact #5:
Satrix Divi ETF’s top holdings include FirstRand, Vodacom, Reunert and Sasol.

Chart of Satrix Divi ETF’s share price

Chart of Satrix Divi ETF's share price

Financial information

For more financial information about Satrix Divi ETF, click here.

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About the ETF: Satrix Divi ETF [JSE:STXDIV]
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