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About the ETN: NewWave GBP ETN [JSE:NEWGBP]

by , 27 October 2015

NewWave GBP exchange traded note (ETN) tracks the performance of the British pound/rand. The ETN has a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange…

Full name: NewWave GBP ETN
Short name:
Ticker: NEWGBP
Sector: JSE listed notes

Five top facts about NewWave GBP ETN

Fact #1:
ETNs are debt instruments that trade on a stock exchange. By lending money to the issuer of the ETN, your returns reflect the performance of a specific benchmark or asset, such as a currency. ETNs are riskier than exchange traded funds (ETFs) as they’re dependent on the issuer’s credit risk.

Fact #2:
NewWave GBP ETN listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in March 2012.

Fact #3:
NewWave GBP ETN tracks the performance of the spot price of British pound/rand. Each ETN is the equivalent £1.

Fact #4:
NewWave GBP ETN is for investors who want exposure to the pound.

Fact #5:
NewWave GBP ETN matures in March 2042. Absa Bank backs the NewWave GBP ETN.

NewWave GBP ETN’s share price

Chart of NewWave GBP ETN - share price

Financial information

For more financial information about NewWave GBP ETN, click here.

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About the ETN: NewWave GBP ETN [JSE:NEWGBP]
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