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Invest in the world's most powerful economy with just R100 a month

by , 08 July 2016
Invest in the world's most powerful economy with just R100 a month
When the results of the Brexit referendum came on Friday 24 June 2016, the rand fell more than 8% against the dollar. This was the biggest fall against the American currency since 2008.

The international impact of Britain's decision to leave the European Union is making it difficult for investors to figure out what to invest in next. If you're feeling confused, there is one market that still offers you an opportunity to:
• Gain exposure to safe, reliable returns from international markets
• Diversify your risk by investing a variety of shares
• Add more liquidity to your investment portfolio
• Hedge the rand's poor performance
In fact, I want to show you how to invest in the world's most powerful economy with just R100 a month and stand to make an average investment return of 27% a year from the weaker rand.
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Now is the right time to take a negative position on both the rand and the SA economy  

The rand isn’t performing well right now and a recovery against the dollar is going to be massively challenging for our local currency.
The exchange traded fund (ETF) that I want to introduce you to today allows you to take a negative position on both the rand and the South African economy. The performance of this fund over the last five years was driven by the rands depreciation against the dollar.
Over the last 12 months, the underlying stocks in this fund fell 0.85% but after converting the performance of the returns into rands, investors still gained 21.89%.
The fund covers about 85% of the free float-adjusted market capitalisation of the US equity markets. This simply means that the fund invests in the most liquid stocks in the US and they exclude shares that are traditionally held by investors like governments, corporations, controlling shareholders and management.
This is a 100% investment in equities, it’s riskier than investing in asset classes likes bonds or cash but the fund has proved to be less volatile than other equity investments. The fund has also proven to be les volatile than other equity investments which means that the returns you receive will offset the slightly higher risk that you are carrying.
A rand recovery against the dollar is the only concern you should be taking into consideration. But a rand recovery against the dollar in the next three to five years is highly unlikely, which means that your investment returns should remain quite good over this period.
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Revealed – The one ETF that can help you cash in from the world’s most powerful economy

The ETF I’m talking about is the Db x-tracker MSCI USA ETF. You can trade this ETF the same way you buy and sell shares through a broker. What I really like about this ETF is, if you buy it through the EasyEquities platform, it qualifies as an investment that you can make through the tax-free savings account option.
Any capital and income gains you make investing through this tax savings account are basically tax-free.
You don’t have to have much money to invest in this ETF either. You can start investing in the Db x-tracker MSCI USA ETF with as little as R100, 200 or even R500 a month.
So how much could you potentially earn from a R500 monthly investment?
Let’s say you decide to invest R500 a month into this ETF for 10 years. Over this time, your total investment in this ETF will come to R60,000. The average return for this ETF since its inception is 27%. If the fund manages to maintain this return, you can grow your money into R866,461 over a period of ten years.
Clearly investing in this ETF while the rand is falling against the dollar is a good idea.
Let’s build your wealth together,

Aiden Sookdin,
Editorial Contributor, Real Wealth
P.S. In the next issue of Real Wealth, I’m going to show you a unique way to start your property empire with no money down. As well as sending you the best investments and most profitable stock tips, my colleague Joshua Benton and I also do something a little unusual… something very few people in our industry would ever dream of doing. We show investors like you how to invest your money to keep it safe and growing at all times.

Invest in the world's most powerful economy with just R100 a month
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