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To find the best unit trust to invest in, you need to understand the details on THIS table

by , 17 March 2014

Picking the best unit trust to invest in can be tough. There are SO many to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. Luckily, there's a good start pointing. And, when you know how to read it, you'll be able to pick out the good unit trusts from the bad…

Look at the Unit Trust Performance Table to find the best unit trusts to invest in

Just like a share’s daily performance is listed in the financial section of your favourite newspaper or on financial websites like fin24, the same is true for unit trusts.

It’s called the Unit Trust Performance Table and it gives you vital clues on which are the good unit trusts out there and which aren’t.

Here’s what you’ll find in this table…

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Looking for the best unit trusts to invest in? Start here…

A Unit Trust Performance Table will reveal the following seven crucial factors, says invest-made-easy blog:

  1. The name of the unit trust
  2. The unit trust’s fund price: Like shares, the cost of a unit will change from day to day depending on the current value of the shares, bonds and other securities that make up the fund minus the daily expense fees for running it.
  3. Fund manager: This is the company responsible for managing your unit trust’s returns. In some cases, the individual in charge of the fund will also be mentioned here.
  4. YTD (%): This number represents the percentage difference in the unit trust’s fund closing price today versus its price a year ago. (YTD stands for year to date.) Essentially, it compares the performance over the past 12 months.
  5. 1 mth (%), 3 mth (%), 6 mth (%) and 1 yr (%): Pretty self-explanatory, these figures show you the unit trust’s performance over one, three, six and 12 months. This will show you if the unit trust is increasingly in value over time.
  6. 3 yrs (%) and 5 yrs (%) annualised: To truly measure if this is the best unit trust to invest in, you need to consider the consistency of its returns. This is where the annualised three and five year figures can help. As a long-term investment, you need to ensure your unit trust is making money over time.
  7. Shariah compliance: As we explain here, a Shariah fund is a type of ethical investing. This is normally depicted with a “Y” on the Unit Trust Performance Table.

Here are some other things you’ll discover on the Unit Trust Performance Table

But that’s not all a Unit Trust Performance Table reveals, explains fundsdata.co.za. It also shows you:
The fund size: This is the amount of money (in millions) invested in the fund.
The Total Expense Ratio or TER. This is the portion of your investment used to pay the fund's operating costs over the past year, including annual management and performance fees; trading costs, etc.

So there you have it. If you’re confused by the number of unit trusts out there, take a squizz at the Unit Trust Performance Table. It’ll help you determine the best unit trust to invest in.

To find the best unit trust to invest in, you need to understand the details on THIS table
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