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  • ETFs uncovered: Should you get into the fast growing sector of ‘smart beta' funds?
  • Since their launch in South Africa, the number of exchange traded funds (ETFs) has steadily grown. One sector of ETFs showing sharp growth is ‘smart beta' funds. So what are smart beta funds? And should you consider investing in them? Let's take a closer look… What are ‘smart beta’ funds? The aim of smart beta funds is to combine the benefits of passive and active investi... ››› more
  • [15 January 2015]
  • Revealed: The best investment ever created by man!
  • Today I'm going to share with you the greatest investment secret in the history of mankind. This is the only investment that you ever need to make if you want to retire rich. And to top it all off… It's also the cheapest financial investment that money can buy! History doesn’t lie, shares rule them all   Historically, the best investments with the greatest returns are shares. Shar... ››› more
  • [06 November 2014]

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