5 betting rules to live by...

by , 13 September 2018
5 betting rules to live by...
The world of betting can be a tempting place.

When you're on a winning streak you want to keep on betting. And when you've lost money during the weekend you want to try and make up for your losses.

Both of these scenarios are dangerous. And they'll ensure you don't make as much as you could...

And that's why today I wanted to share some of the five rules of betting that I live by...

The five rules to live and die by
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1.  Study the game first.  
Don’t even consider betting unless you have studied the game you intend to play in detail.
Statistics show that 90% of losers fail because they have no knowledge of any particular game.
2. Create a ‘Bankroll’.
Once you’ve studied the game you intend to play in depth, create a ‘Bankroll’.
This should be the equivalent to 10 losing bets. For instance if you’re prepared to lose R500 on any given bets, your bankroll should be R5,000. Of course if you’ve done your homework, it’s doubtful that you’ll ever lose the whole of your ‘pot’, but it can happen and it’s best to be prepared for the worst.
After all, even professionals have losing days.
And remember if you’ve lost your bankroll for that month – walk away.
3. Treat it like a business deal.
It’s important to remain business-like about what you intend to do. Your aim is to make a profit and walk out with it.
So never bet for the sake of betting, and never chase your losses.
This is not how professional bettors act business-like.
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4. Never become greedy.  
When you get greedy your emotions start to rule your head, and when that happens you start betting like a loser.
Instead, be happy with small, regular wins and let your betting bankroll build up gradually.
5. Set yourself a target.
It’s very important to set yourself a winning target.
I would recommend a modest 50% of your betting pot.
So for example, if your betting pot for the weekend’s bets totals R500.
50% of R500 would equal R250.
Stop betting once you’ve reached your target of R250.
This way you grow your bankroll consistently.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon,
The Winning Streak Team

5 betting rules to live by...
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