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7 out of 8 right! - don't miss my next bold prediction going into the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup!

by , 24 October 2019
7 out of 8 right! - don't miss my next bold prediction going into the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup!
Last week Thursday, I gave you my predictions for the quarter final of the Rugby World Cup.

And lo and behold…

I got 7 out of the 8 correct, that's an 87.5% win rate!

My emails have been flooding with request after request after request… for my Semi Final predictions.

So without further ado, let's get stared….
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Will this be an all-out southern hemisphere final?
Southern hemisphere nations have long ruled the rugby union landscape.
All but one of the eight previous World Cups have been won by southern hemisphere giants.
Northern Hemisphere sides have slowly but surely closed the gap in recent years, with Wales and Ireland even soaring to the top of the world rankings in the lead-up to the World Cup, temporarily.
The north had five quarter-finalists last weekend.
Now we’re split right down the middle with two southern hemisphere giants taking on two northern hemisphere giants.
It’s only the third time in World Cup history that a northern hemisphere side feature in both semi-finals.
So the question remains…
Can England and Wales truly shift the balance of power by setting up a historic all-northern hemisphere World Cup final?, or, will rugby’s greatest rivals in New Zealand and South Africa book their places in an epic final, setting up a rematch of their opening pool clash!
First let’s take a look at previous Semi – Final points throughout the years
Rugby World Cup semi-final points by teams throughout the years

Source (https://extratime.media/)
As you can see, New Zealand thrive on tries in semi-finals, whereas England seem to get most of their points through penalties.
South Africa is no different where penalties are the bulk of their points, however, it seems Wales is even in most cases.
Something worth noting, is that South Africa have the second-highest converted penalty count of all teams who have played in a Rugby World Cup semi-final.
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How points are scored in RWC semi-finals
Source (https://extratime.media/)
As you can see semi-finals have, in recent years, been dominated by penalties.
This is good news for South African fans as Handre Pollard’s kicking prowess is unmistakable and could become a huge factor in the semi-final clash between South Africa and Wales.
So now that we know how points will be scored and from which teams, we can now break down the upcoming semi-final clashes!
New Zealand vs England
At the start of the tournament, only three teams had a realistic chance of challenging the dominant two-time defending champions in a head-to-head clash.
And England’s one of them…
Based on the quarter-final thumping, the All Blacks are peaking at the perfect time.
Steve Hansen has once again proved what a mastermind he is, knowing exactly how and when to get the best out of his team. It’ll take a mammoth effort to deny them entry into the final.
Prediction: New Zealand by 7
South Africa vs Wales
The Springboks flexed their muscles against Japan to win their quarter final 26-3.
Wales presents a contrasting challenge to Rassie Erasmus and his team as Wales employ a more structured, tactical game plan.
Like the Springboks, they put a high premium on playing in the right areas of the field and prefer to play without the ball, banking on turning defence into attack. Execution, especially when it comes to tactical kicking.
What will the Springboks do with the extra possession they’re expected to have? It’s unlikely that the disciplined two-time world champions will be coaxed into running out of their territory.
The fact that South Africa have only won four of the 14 tests and have never beaten Wales under a French referee is a bit of a worry but like in that knockout clash four years ago, the Springboks should have just enough firepower to overcome Wales come Sunday.
Prediction: South Africa by 10
Until Next Time,
Christopher Ammon
The Winning Streak Team
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7 out of 8 right! - don't miss my next bold prediction going into the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup!
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