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A guaranteed 20% return in 20 days from this JSE share

by , 19 February 2019
A guaranteed 20% return in 20 days from this JSE share
The headline sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. It's the result of a corporate action on an unpopular stock.

Corporate actions are often boring and don't bring profit opportunities. Sometimes they result in special situations that bring almost guaranteed profits. These are mostly taken up by fast fingered traders at the coal face. They react in milliseconds to SENS announcements when a quick profit opportunity arises.

But there is almost always a catch. A condition that entitles you to make this profit.
You can only buy 999 shares or less, this is why the price hasn’t shot up to narrow the profit opportunity. And you must buy before 5 March, but soon more investors will be doing the same thing so you should buy today.
The share you must buy today…
Caxton (JSE:CAT) so 999 shares isn’t a big position but will still give you R1,518.48 gain before costs. This opportunity is to reduce the number of minority shareholders on the share register but a big seller that isn’t eligible for this offer is still offloading shares at R7.50.
Buy Caxton at R7.50 for a small but quick profit in three weeks.
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Long Term Ideas

  • Dischem: Buy below R25.50, short term target R29.50 long term target R37.50
  • Sasol: Sasol Bounces above R400. Buy below R410.00. Short term target R460. Long term Target R550.
  • AB InBev: Buy dips below R1,000 with a target of R1,500
  • Richemont: Buy dips below R95. Target R130.00.
  • Remgro: A break above R210 is needed to open up R230. Buy below R200.00
  • Coronation: Sentiment still negative. Buy dips below R50.00 for a move back to R80
  • Shoprite: Sector earnings under pressure. Hold.
  • Aspen: Bottoming out. Add below R150.00, keep exposure appropriate.
  • Sygnia: Moving in the right direction. Hold.
  • MTN: More negative news, but price is resilient. Accumulate on below R85.
  • Glencore: Buy below R52.50.
  • Naspers: Unbundling to unlock value, buy dips below R3,000. Target R3,800
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A guaranteed 20% return in 20 days from this JSE share
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