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Before the first ball is bowled - here is what you need to know about betting on cricket

by , 16 May 2019
Before the first ball is bowled - here is what you need to know about betting on cricket
Did you know that cricket is one of the oldest sports in existence?

The sport dates back to the 16th century, and some believe it's even older than that!

It's also regarded as the second most popular sport in the world next to football.

It's so popular that around 1.5 billion people worldwide watched the 2015 World Cup.

And in just 14 days, we will see the first ball of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup bowled.

But you only have 14 days left to grasp the basic format of the game so you can profit.

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How does the sport work?
Cricket is played with two teams each consisting of 11 players each.
The two teams take a turn to bowl and bat – one bowler and ten fielders for the bowling side and two batsmen at a time (one on either end of the pitch) for the batting side.
The aim of the game when batting is to score the most runs possible in the assigned overs or before all the batsmen are given out by the umpire AKA the referee.
Runs are scored by either running to the end of the wicket after hitting the ball, counting as one run or hitting the boundary (the rope around the end of the pitch) – If the ball hits the boundary after touching the ground, four runs are scored, if the ball does not touch the ground then six runs are scored. 
The aim of bowling is to limit the number of runs scored by the batsman and ultimately bowl them out or dismiss them by one of the following methods:
Bowlers have different styles and techniques they use to limit the number of runs and get the batsman out.
The most common used and the ones I highly rate you look into are:
Now that you have the basics of how the game is played, we can move on to the format of the ICC Cricket world cup.
The ICC cricket world cup will follow the ODI or One Day International format, which is a form of limited overs cricket, where two teams will face a limited number of overs (usually 50).
The 2019 ICC Cricket world cup will only have 10 nations playing this year opposed to the 14 that played in 2015. The reason for this is due to the lack of associate teams in the tournament and this year will be the first world cup to be contested without all the test playing nations present and after the elimination of all the Associate teams at the qualifying tournament, this will be also be the first World Cup to feature no Associate members.
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What will improve your cricket betting?
Just like teams in the Premier league or the NFL, some cricket teams will be better at attacking and others will be better at defence. That is to say that some will be stronger at batting while others will be stronger at bowling.
Taking stock of each team’s squad will help you determine whether they are likely to try out score their opponent by getting more runs, or whether they will focus on getting the batsman out quicker by relying on their bowlers.
Another important aspect to consider when betting on cricket are the external factors that can influence the result of a cricket match. The most important external factors to consider would be the weather, the time of day and the condition of the pitch (the playing surface).
Similar to soccer, some teams benefit greatly when it comes to home field advantage. This is down to the importance of the playing surface and how the team will try and maintain the surface of play to their strengths.
The key takeaway’s you need to consider when betting on cricket are the following: 
1. Is a team’s strong suit – Bowling or Batting?
2. The condition of the pitch (playing surface)
3. The weather
4. Home field advantage – Does a team have home field advantage?
If you can concentrate your efforts on understanding the game, the players and the external factors, you will find that your rate of success will greatly increase!
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon,
Head Tipster, The Winning Streak Team

Before the first ball is bowled - here is what you need to know about betting on cricket
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