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Biotech, Cryptos, what's it all about?

by , 27 June 2019
Biotech, Cryptos, what's it all about?
Q. "Now that Facebook is launching a new crypto-currency, I'm very interested to start trading it. Could you briefly explain what I need to know to understand the new crypto-currency and why people are getting so excited over it?"

A. Facebook's crypto-currency is called Libra. It is a one of a kind global currency and financial infrastructure which will be powered by a smart contract platform similar to Ethereum and will work on a blockchain "ledger" like all crypto currencies.

Libra is not just another crypto to trade and invest in, but one that will impact and help billions of people to make currency transactions easier and faster.

In fact, Libra it is backed by a reserve of fiat currencies such as the US dollar, Euro etc...

As long as you have a smart phone and data connection, you'll be able to send money on WhatsApp and Facebook. Even the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, says it will be "as easy as sending a photo".

I truly believe that if a company like Facebook is trying to reinvent the money system with a stable, regulated, fast and scalable crypto-currency like Libra, then the profitable era for crypto-currencies in general has a very bright future.
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Q. "I often hear through newsletters like South African Investor and Red Hot Penny Shares that Biotech is the next big thing for investors to profit from. Can you tell me what it is and if you can name some of the world's biggest biotech companies right now?"
A. Biotech companies may sound like a complicated industry but if we break it down, they are just companies that combine biology and technology. 
The basis of learning about biotech and how it works, is to first compare them to the pharmaceutical industry.
You see, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies both produce medicines. However, instead of the medicines having a chemical basis, Biotech companies make medicines that are derived from living organisms.
Also, Biotech companies focus on agriculture, food science as well as useful chemicals and products…
Biotechnology is indeed one of the fastest growing industries, especially in the US. In fact, by 2025 the industry will have grown to over $727 billion dollars as new manufacturing plants and research facilities are in the works.
Francois Joubert who writes Red Hot Penny Shares and Joshua Benton editor of South African Investor, share many investment ideas about biotech companies in their research advisories.  
If you're looking to invest in international Biotech companies, then here are a few of the largest and fastest growing companies by market capitalisation to research. 
1.  Johnson and Johnson ($314 billion)
2. Pfizer ($196 billion)
3. Roche ($192 billion)
4. Novartis ($170 billion) 
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Timon Rossolimos,
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Biotech, Cryptos, what's it all about?
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