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Don't miss this Pay Day: -26 September 2017 - Diarise it now

by , 21 September 2017
Don't miss this Pay Day: -26 September 2017 - Diarise it now
Mustek grew cash generation by 30% - Mustek is an IT services and wholesaler. The company grew cash generated by operations by a whopping 30.7% to R228 million for the year.

Revenue was flat, and profits grew from 74cps to 80.32cps.

These earnings figures put the company on a PE ratio of 5.97, with the JSE average around 20!

You'll also receive a dividend of 16cps (compared to 15cps last year) by 2 October 2017 (last day to trade is 26 September).

This is equal to a dividend yield of 3.33%, compared to the JSE average of 2.70%. I am happy holding Mustek, and expect further upside in the share. Hold

This little property company is chugging along nicely, even though the rest of the market struggles – SA Corporate Real Estate released results for the first six months of the year, ending in June 2017.
The company has fixed the majority of its debt at 8.6% interest, much lower than the prime interest rate.
It grew net property income (NPI) by 13.8% in the first six months of the year and has a committed development pipeline of around R2.15 billion, and a further R2.5 billion in acquisitions and contracted acquisitions in place.
The dividend the company is paying will be 4.4% higher than this time last year. You can expect a 22.38cps dividend by 2 October (last day to trade is 26 September).
This brings the dividends we’ve received since March this year to 43.96cps, or a return of 8.12% in dividends alone! That’s nearly TRIPLE the dividends you’d expect from the average share on the JSE. Buy below 560c
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Wescoal’s latest acquisition will soon add big profits – but for now you get another dividend
Wescoal recently acquired Keaton Energy. With this acquisition it plans to more than DOUBLE its annual coal production – and hopefully with that profits as well.
The company also indicated there are a number of opportunities for it to save on costs by leveraging off the acquisition – and it will implement these cost savings plans in the coming 12 months.
In the meantime we’re receiving another dividend from Wescoal.
The company will pay out a dividend of 2.6672cps to shareholders.
The last day to trade Wescoal shares if you want to receive the dividend is 19 September.
The payment date for the dividend is 26 September 2017. Buy below 220c
If you invested R10,000 into each of these shares, you’d receive dividends of R880.22 by 2 October. Now consider the fact that if you receive these dividends twice a year you’d end up with R1760. And that’s without capital growth on your shares and without double digit growth in the dividends they pay…
Here’s to unleashing real value
Francois Joubert
Editor, Red Hot Penny Shares

Don't miss this Pay Day: -26 September 2017 - Diarise it now
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