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Even South Africa's biggest companies join the “Crypto Revolution”

by , 28 November 2017
Even South Africa's biggest companies join the “Crypto Revolution”
Last week, cryptocurrency expert Sam Volkering shared how international companies are investing in blockchain technology.

Companies like financial technology provider Novatti Group.

“Novatti signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Lightyear.io, an organisation that works with the Stellar Development Foundation. Stellar has developed a blockchain, but instead of providing pure peer-to-peer transactions it aims to work with financial institutions, companies and individuals to create low-cost payments between currencies and across borders.”

Since this deal, Novatti's shares have soared over 170%.

The good news for South African Investors is, the more Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies gain mainstream media's attention, the more South African companies will jump on board.

This is a trend that's starting to emerge as we speak.

Let me explain…

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Are all ploughing into cryptocurrencies!
This is the biggest financial revolution since the invention of money – and its making some early investors filthy rich.

Three of SA’s leading listed companies are diversifying into crptos
#1: RMI Holdings
JSE listed RMI Holdings’ (JSE: RMI) fintech investment arm, AlphaCode, invested R120 million in South African bitcoin platform, Luno.
An RMI senior investment executive explained the massive potential of this investment. “Luno’s bitcoin block chain base is huge, it’s fundamentally reshaping financial services, it’s a big revenue pull…you just have to look at the potential of what bitcoin and block chain can do.”
The funding Luno secured will be used to expand into 35 markets across Europe and will focus on new product development and improving excising products.
The advantage for RMI is that it’s investing in a solid, established Bitcoin company that’s growing fast. And it adds diversification to RMI’s portfolio.
The exciting part is, RMI is in the South African Investor portfolio and is one of our Perpetual Income Shares.
So if you hold RMI shares, you’ll get exposure to this booming market.
The same goes with…
#2: Net1 UEPS Technology
On 23 November, JSE listed Net1 sent out a SENS announcement, which has seen its shares climb nearly 40% in 2 days!
Net1’s subsidiary, Masterpayment, has been appointed as a new partner for credit card processing and acquiring for cryptocurrency purchases for Bitstamp.
Bitstamp is a leading global digital currency exchange and the largest Bitcoin exchange in the EU in terms of volume.
This partnership will allow Bitstamp customers to enjoy faster and more convenient transactions, while maintaining the same high-caliber security.
#3: Naspers
Just like RMI, Naspers also invested in leading South African cryptocurrency exchange, Luno.
Naspers initially invested around $4 million into Luno.
Why don’t you invest in this booming market too?
Cyrpto “king” Sam Volkering wrote a special crypto investing guidebook to help people get clued up on this market.
You can claim your copy today, for free.
Once you read it, you know exactly how to buy, store and sell cryptos using his own tried and trusted methods.
Even better, you can discover other cryptos that have the potential to soar, just like Bitcoin has.
You don’t want to miss out on this lucrative opportunity to make a fortune.
Always remember, knowledge brings you wealth,
P.S. If you’re curious about the crypto market and you’re keen to dip your toe in, why not claim your complimentary copy of Sam’s book and get started…

Even South Africa's biggest companies join the “Crypto Revolution”
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