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Global markets target record highs

by , 29 August 2018
Global markets target record highs
Global markets are riding a rising tide of positivity from hawkish FOMC meeting minutes, US Fed Chair Powell indicating the US economy is strong and a positive US and Mexico trade deal.

Investors shouldn't fear new record highs because historical market data indicates it's a bullish signal. When a new all-time high is achieved, there is a 90% chance of achieving a new all-time high in the four months that follow. And the Dow is on average 32% higher, five years after a fresh all-time high.

Our market is being driven higher by Naspers, at the AGM a focus was placed on unlocking value in the “Rump assets”. Traders are speculating share buybacks are on the cards.

The week ahead:
  • Local Data:   Money Supply, Private Sector Credit, PPI, SA Budget (30/08); Trade Balance (31/08)
  • Results Due: CSB, MDI, RNG, RCL, SHG (28/08); AIP, BAU, GRT, MUR, NRP, NT1 (29/08); AVL, ASR, MST, OLG, RSG, SNT, TOR (30/08); BEL, CAT, GND, HYP, OMU, SCP (31/08)
  • LDT (28/08): AFE, CCO, HMN, LHB, MRF, MTN, RNI, SCD, ASHWGB, ASHGEQ, and NEWGBP, NEWUSD (Special Dividends)


Other Economic data releases of interest…
  • Tuesday: CPI (JPN)
  • Wednesday: Prelim GDP, Crude Oil Inventories (USA)
  • Thursday: ANZ Business Confidence (NZL); Private Capital Expenditure (AUS); GDP (CAN)
  • Friday: CPI Flash Estimate (EU), Chicago PMI (USA)

Other Economic data releases of interest…
  • Tuesday: CPI (JPN)
  • Wednesday: Prelim GDP, Crude Oil Inventories (USA)
  • Thursday: ANZ Business Confidence (NZL); Private Capital Expenditure (AUS); GDP (CAN)
  • Friday: CPI Flash Estimate (EU), Chicago PMI (USA)
  Last week’s movers and shakers…


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Global markets target record highs
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