How does playing at home give the home team an advantage?

by , 04 October 2018
How does playing at home give the home team an advantage?
Imagine this…

It's a cold Saturday afternoon in England, and your team is playing their rival in a packed stadium.

You hear the roar of the crowd as the player's line up.

It's nil-nil going into the second half, and just five minutes after the whistle is blown your team manages to put one into the back of the net!

The crowd goes wild, as the stadium echoes with war cries and football club songs.

All chanting for the home team.

Home field advantage is huge in soccer and has been debated in pubs and bars throughout the world.

Today we are going to delve deep into what home field advantage is and how to calculate it. So, you can make a more informed bet the next time your football team is playing at home.

Let's get started…

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Factors behind home field advantage
When it comes to home field advantage, a few important factors contribute to its effectiveness.
Such as,
The home team’s supporters and the refereeing.
There have been instances where the refereeing is biased towards the home team. And with the introduction of video assistant referee (VAR), there has been an increase in changing the referee’s decision.
Distance travelled is a big factor when it comes to home field advantage.
The further the away team has to travel, the bigger the benefit to the home team.
In the English Premier League, the biggest distance between two teams is between Newcastle and Bournemouth at 563 km.
Other factors can potentially contribute to home field advantage such as altitude, weather and extracurricular distractions.
All of which need to be considered.
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How to calculate home field advantage in soccer
Taking in to consideration all the factors above, you can now use historical data to work out home field advantage.
The equation is simple: 
HFA = (HF – HA) / Home games played
HFA = Home Field Advantage
HF = Number of goals scored at home per season
HA = Number of goals conceded at home per season      
Home games played = Number of home games played per season
Taking Manchester City as our example, in their 2017/2018 season, they scored 61 goals at home and conceded only 12 goals at home.
And played 19 games at home.
So, our calculation would look like this:
HFA = (61 - 12) / 19
HFA = 49 / 19
HFA = 2.57
The higher the score the bigger the home field advantage.
Add this to your betting arsenal the next time you bet on soccer. For a more educated and better betting decision.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon

How does playing at home give the home team an advantage?
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