How does the weather affect the outcome of a soccer game?

by , 04 July 2018
How does the weather affect the outcome of a soccer game?
When it comes to betting on soccer there are a few basic indicators every newcomer needs to know.

  • A team’s form
  • Head-to-head statistics
  • Points per game
But sharp sports bettors know to take into account and analyse the effects that a new stadium might have, or the time period between fixtures and most important…
How the weather influences a game.
Weather can be the dark horse in a match and affect its outcome greatly.
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How weather can effect a soccer game?
It is hard to quantify how weather can effect a game of soccer, but just like the NFL, adverse weather conditions can have huge effects on a soccer game.
Weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow and sun can benefit a team while being detrimental to the other.
One famous example, is when Jose Mourinho chose not to water the pitch, when his team faced Barcelona.
Why would watering the pitch, benefit Barcelona?
The reason behind this is simple, light rain is more suitable to teams who pass the ball more frequently.
When moisture sits on the ball, it tends to skim along the surface and travel faster.
However, too much water on the pitch can leave it water logged and this becomes a problem to teams that keep the ball on the floor.
These teams will find it harder to judge a pass as the ball won’t travel as far as it should, as the excess water slows the ball down.
Wind also plays a big factor to those teams that play the ball long and kick it across the field.
Strong winds will change its direction in flight, making it harder to judge long balls.
These are just two of the many weather factors that are important to consider when you analyse the weather conditions before a match.
Also temperature plays an important factor in the amount of goals scored. Adverse temperatures can effect a soccer games score line.
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Does the cold really kill goals?
With warmer temperature, the air is lighter and thinner, meaning the ball can travel faster and further, due to low drag.
The opposite can be said about colder temperature, as the ball will travel less far as it has to deal with thicker air and more drag.
There is another aspect to consider with higher and lower temperatures.
And it is pressure.
As the temperature increases, the pressure inside the ball also increases. The expansion of the air inside the ball can slightly over inflate it, while in cooler temperatures, the air inside the ball contracts leaving the ball slightly flat.
These changes are minuscule, but do have a slight effect on the ball. 
So looking at the effects on the ball, does weather impact player performance?
Yes, bad weather can: 
  • Equalise a mismatched game
  • Inhibit player’s skills
  • Make play less precise
Bad weather and cold temperatures make scoring a goal less frequent.
Meaning, less goals are scored when the weather is cold and wet.
Use this information next time your betting on the under/over.
When the weather looks cold and wet, your chances of under 2.5 goals gets better.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon

How does the weather affect the outcome of a soccer game?
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