How fantasy soccer can improve your sports betting

by , 16 August 2018
How fantasy soccer can improve your sports betting
Over the last couple of years, fantasy soccer has grown exponentially.

With millions of people from around the world joining in to make the experience, just that more exciting.

The similarities between fantasy Premier League and betting just can't be ignored.

And savvy sports bettors like you need to know how to take advantage of this.

In today's article, I want to show you how you can benefit from the excitement of fantasy soccer as well as the pay-out from betting!

Let's get started…

Your chance to win 5 out of 8 bets on the English Premier league!
Every day thousands of punters are looking for the perfect bet in sports betting! Most people think winning bets is down to blind luck.
And I get that.
But while there is an element of chance involved, the really, really great tipsters out there spend their time analysing hundreds - sometimes thousands - of pieces of data.
Then, that data is collected, collated and analysed.
It's pretty much a full time job…
And the hard work really pays off.
Take this guy for example…
He's produced winners of up to R1,140 and even a whopping R1,750.
Every Friday evening he sends his readers simple, step-by-step instructions on what bets to place. 
In short, it couldn't be easier for ordinary people like you to take advantage of this.
Overall, this trends expert lands a profit in around 60% of his bets.
Know your player stats – it’s really easy!
Like sports bettors, fantasy players pour over stats and analyse numbers in search of an edge.
And thanks to fantasy soccer, accurate and player friendly data is available for you to assess a player or teams performance.
The stats centre allows you to sort and maximise your efforts by simplifying it into the following categories: 
  • Player Stats
  • Club Stats
  • All-time Stats
  • Head-to-Head Stats
  • And, Player Comparison
It looks something like this…

Friendly and easy to use, the stats centre allows you to get to the answer your looking for, quicker and a lot more accurate than your hunch.

Let us get you started…
One of the biggest threats to being profitable in sports betting is a lack of motivation.
If you’re just not motivated enough to do the research, you’ll inevitably end up with a misinformed decision, which leads you to losing bets.
Finding ways to stay motivated is a key component to becoming successful in anything you do.
And Fantasy Premier League is a great way to stay motivated and disciplined in your approach to becoming a successful sports bettor.
So, as we like to put into action everything we say.
We have created a league just for you.
Simply email us at, and we’ll have you set up and joined in no time.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon

How fantasy soccer can improve your sports betting
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