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How to analyse a boxers' fighting style to make expert boxing predictions

by , 07 February 2019
How to analyse a boxers' fighting style to make expert boxing predictions
Being able to analyse a boxer's fighting style is a difficult skill to master.

However when done correctly, it can result in long-term profit.

That's why today I want to show you how to analyse a boxer's fighting style, how to analyse pre-fight trends and how a proper strategy can help you find value when making your next boxing prediction.

Let's get started…

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Why a Boxers’ fighting style matters
A common mistake bettor’s make when trying to predict the outcome of a fight is over-estimating the abilities of one fighter, while simultaneously under-estimating the abilities of their opponent.
For example, some bettors believe that if fighter A beats fighter B and fighter B beats Fighter C that Fighter A will certainly beat fighter C.
This is almost never the case.
Too many bettors use a boxer’s wins and losses to make uneducated decisions on whether they will beat another fighter.
You need to analyse the key facts, statistics and the boxers fighting style.
For example, looking at two fighting styles, a long-range fighter vs a peekaboo fighter. If the long-range fighter can keep the distance between both fighters, they will have a greater chance of winning, while the peekaboo fighter will want to close the distance in order to set up something and take the win.
Both fighters have their unique fighting style and the fighter who best implements their style the best, often wins.
How to analyse a Boxer’s fighting style
To analyse a boxer’s fighting style, you will need to know the five primary styles of fighting.
This will allow you to place a fighter in to one of these five categories.
1. The Pressure Fighter or Swarmer
The Pressure fighter or Swarmer is a fighter who aims to unleash a high volume of punches on an opponent, swarming them with multiple combinations in the hope that it will overwhelm their opponent.
Applying constant pressure, and putting their opponent on the defensive for long periods of time, will lead them to more victories. However, this fighting style requires tremendous cardiovascular endurance.
2. Out-Boxer
The Out-Boxer is the opposite of the swarmer or pressure fighter. The out-boxer looks to maintain a gap from their opponent and fight with faster, longer range punches.
Out-boxers are known for being extremely quick on their feet, connecting with shots from the outside to prevent opponents from closing the gap and getting on the inside.
Out-boxers usually like to defeat opponents with technique. While the majority of an out-boxer’s victories come by decision, the truly skilled out-boxers can score knockouts. By accumulating damage to an opponent eventually breaking them down with clean, accurate punching, the out-boxer pick apart their opponents methodically until a precise finish opens up.
3. The Slugger or Brawler
If the Out-Boxer is the representation of a classy boxer, then the Slugger is the opposite, the slugger often stands for everything that's brutal about the sport.
A lot of sluggers tend to lack finesse in the ring, but make up for it in raw power, able to knock almost any opponent out with a single punch. This ability makes them exciting to watch, and their fights unpredictable.
Most sluggers lack mobility and foot work in the ring and may have difficulty pursuing fighters who are fast and nimble on their feet. They usually are slower punches than swarmer’s and tend to ignore combination punching.
Sluggers aren’t mindless fighters, however a lot of what they do involves a great deal of technique, although it doesn’t immediately show.
Sluggers have a distinct ability to be able to force their way inside and trap opponents along the ropes or into corners. A key skill for sluggers to have is ring general ship or knowing how to cut off the ring.
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4. The Counter Puncher
Counter punchers are the most precise practitioners of the sport. They are known for their incredible high-level skill, immense talent, and near-flawless technique. Counter punchers make opponents miss while simultaneously making them pay with damaging and accurate counter shots.
They have the unique ability to frustrate opponents, often presenting themselves as hittable targets and then gracefully slipping out of the way while delivering unbelievably accurate counter punches.
One drawback of being a counter puncher is the lack of activity. Often, counter punchers are on the reactive side of fights, waiting on their opponents to strike so that they can counter with laser-like precision.
5. The Boxer-Puncher
The Boxer-Puncher possesses many of the qualities of the out-boxer hand speed, often an outstanding jab, combination and/or counter-punching skills, better defence and accuracy than a slugger, while possessing slugger type power. The Boxer-Puncher may also be more willing to fight in an aggressive swarmer-style than an out-boxer.
Boxer-punchers usually start from outside and work their way in, using combinations from range to frustrate their opponents and force them to make mistakes. They capitalize on these mistakes and take advantage of clear openings.
When they have opponents hurt, boxer-punchers know exactly how to push the pace and finish the job.
Boxer-punchers are the most difficult to deal with because their offensive style is so varied. They look different each round and are incredibly reactive to their opponent’s style. One area where boxer-punchers often lack however is on defence.
These are the five primary styles of a boxer, when making your predictions you will need to place your boxer into one of these five fighting styles.
The best way to do that is to watch each and every round a boxer is in, and define with accuracy which fighting style they fit into.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon
The Winning Streak Team

How to analyse a boxers' fighting style to make expert boxing predictions
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