How to place your first winning soccer bet!

by , 11 October 2018
How to place your first winning soccer bet!
Over the last few months, I've written several articles around soccer and the different ways to profit from each and every game.

I've given you access to information that when put together and used correctly, forms your soccer betting strategy.

And today I want to show you how to use every piece of information I've given you to successfully build your strategy and place your first winning bet.

Lets begin with…

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This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to place a bet.
Knowing the difference between a single and a multiple bet is key before you even decide on what to bet on.
Get to know your bookies online platform, before you start your research.
Once you know your bookie inside and out, we can move onto the next step.
Fantasy soccer is great for anyone looking to gain an edge over the bookie.
Its filled with:  
Player and club stats
Injury data
Player comparisons
Club news and transfers.
Now you have the information on all the teams and the players in one platform.
Its user friendly, so you will not be wasting time looking for that important stat or news piece. 
Now you need to decide on what market you are going to bet on…
Deciding what market to profit from
The bookies will offer many different markets on their platform.
Such as: 
Full time result / the money line
First team to score
Both to score vs none or 1 scores
The list is endless, so it’s important you pick a market before you pour over the stats.
Once you have a market you’re interested in, it’s time to do the research.
For example if you’ve picked the under/over market, its best to know the following: 
The frequency of goals per team
The probability of a goal?
The probability a team will win after the first goal is scored?
And, the probability a team will win after conceding the first goal?
All of these questions can be answered by analysing the stats found on the fantasy platform.
Find out how by revisiting these two articles:
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Now let’s move onto more advanced analysis 
So you’ve done your research, you have your stats in front of you but you want to have the edge over your bookie.
It’s time to go over more advanced methods.
Now you are fully prepared and ready to place your bet.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon
P.S: This weekend kicks off matchday 9 of the English Premier League. Join the Winning Streak as we look to profit this weekend.

How to place your first winning soccer bet!
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