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How to use net Yards per Play to successfully predict your next NFL bet!

by , 28 November 2019
How to use net Yards per Play to successfully predict your next NFL bet!
It's crucial for all sports bettors to evolve their NFL betting strategy.

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What is net Yards per Play?
"Net Yards per play is a statistic that demonstrates how far a team is moving the ball on average, but it can be easily compromised in a number of ways that dilute its value.
For example, if a team goes up 24-0 at halftime, they aren’t going to be as aggressive offensively as they would be in a close game. That means that their yards per play will be lower than a team that has been playing in a tight game from start to finish, in theory."
Net Yards per play is a great way to evaluate a team’s performance, as the team that gains more yards than they give up to their opponents win more often than not.
Of course it’s important to evaluate and consider all elements of a given match but net yards per play has proven time and time again to be an effective tool for sports bettors.
Using net Yards per Play in practice
Take a look at the table extract below…
Team Yards per Play
Team Yards per Play allowed
For example, if we were to use the Dallas Cowboys.
In order for us to calculate the Net yards per Play we simple have to subtract:
Yards per Play – Yards per Play allowed
For Dallas they made 6.6 Yards per Play and allowed 5.1 Yards per Play.
Net Yards per Play is calculated as followed:
6.6 – 5.1 = 1.5
The Dallas Cowboys have a net yards per play of +1.5.
This means that the Dallas Cowboys gained 1.5 yards per play more than their opponents.
Since American Football is all about gaining yards for each play they attempt, a team that has a positive yardage differential indicates they have a strong offensive team gaining yards per play as well as a strong defensive team not letting their opponents gained yards for their play.
This is the fundamental aspect that defines a strong team in the NFL.
And you can further justify this theory by looking at the team table:
As you can see the Dallas Cowboys are at the top of their respective table.
With a positive Net yards per Play and at the top of their respective table, it is correct to assume that the Dallas Cowboys have both a strong offensive and defensive team.
Final Outcome
While Net Yards per Play can’t alone dictate the outcome of any game, they do provide you with some valuable insights as a great starting point.
You can also factor in Home Field Advantage, the team roster as well as players benched due to injuries into your analysis for an even better chance to work out who will win the match on game day.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon,
The Winning Streak Team

How to use net Yards per Play to successfully predict your next NFL bet!
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