In today's Q&A: Three simple steps to ensure you find a profitable company and start your trading journey without risking a cent!

by , 13 March 2019
In today's Q&A: Three simple steps to ensure you find a profitable company and start your trading journey without risking a cent!
Q. “I would like to start trading a demo account, but I have no clue what to do and which companies to trade this year.

Can you please help?"
A. Fortunately we have a few recommended brokers who offer demo accounts to start trading.  
As for the 'best' companies to trade this year, this depends on what your criteria is, and what would work with your trading strategy and risk personality. 
I have three simple criteria when I choose a company to trade: 
1. It must be an established, profitable and a Blue-chip company.  
2. The company must have a volume (buying and selling) of at least 500,000 shares traded per day.  
3. It must have a derivative instrument available to trade i.e. CFDs or spread trading.  
British American Tobacco for example, meets the first two criteria however, there is no available CFD or derivative to trade.
If you'd like to see my full list of companies I trade, you can join my exclusive group of traders by joining here.
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The SMS’s I'll be sending you will each contain simple, profitable trade instructions.
Sceptical? I understand…
Q. "I have tried using four companies to invest my money in and, not one of them have I made a cent yet. 
They all seem to sweet talk people into investing with them and they show you their registration numbers etc... But now I don't know how I'm going to gain trust with another company.
Could you please help?" 
A. It’s easy to find a registered trading company these days who promise high returns over the short-term. This is simply their way to hook a client in and make money off of them.
However, you should never take any company's word as gospel. This is your hard-earned money you're putting into the market. Nobody cares about your money more than you do. And so, before you decide to financially commit to any investment company you should always do your research first.  
1. Ask to show you their returns over at least five years
Ask the company to show you what percentage return the fund has generated over the last five years.
If they have been trading for less than five years or only have statistics and reports of their returns for only one to three years, warning bells should start to ring.
Any less, will show unstable and curve fitted return results for the unpredictable future. 
2. Make sure the company is transparent.  
You should know exactly where your money goes when you invest with a fund. They should never hide any basket of shares, percentage of share distributions per basket or any other information that you need to track your portfolio.  
Any broker who says, "I have a secret ETF or Unit Trust that makes over 20% per year." or "I promise you I will make you rich."  
Run for the hills because they just want to your money for their own financial benefit.  
3. Look up reviews
Nobody tells the truth more than a whole bunch of people who say the same thing. Before you invest your money with any fund, go read through the reviews, research them on the internet and even see what HelloPeter has to share about their practices. 
Once you've taken the following measures, you'll feel more confident, prepared and more secure with the decision you’ll make to invest your money in.
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Q. "I am a subscriber to PickPocket Trader and I would like to ask a question. Is it wise to subscribe to Red Storm Trader as well? 
I don’t want to duplicate anything."
A. Deciding to choose between PickPocket Trader and Red Hot Storm Trader services are like choosing between apples and pears. 
In short, Red Hot Storm Trader is a trader service I have been running for the last seven years.  I look for high profitable break out trades on the top 40 companies listed on the JSE.
PickPocket Trader is a trader service that is run by a highly experienced trader who spots profit opportunities, using technical and fundamentals, on the Forex market and even in international stocks traded on different markets worldwide.  
To read more about the main differences between the three services we have to offer, click here to continue.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

In today's Q&A: Three simple steps to ensure you find a profitable company and start your trading journey without risking a cent!
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