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"It's not often I give up details on two great shares to buy

by , 07 June 2018

Extremely wealthy people don't invest in ETF's. They don't buy properties from estate agent listings… They buy into private deals. They buy businesses before they even list on the stock market…

And, they typically do the opposite of what textbooks tell you to do…

They don't invest in hundreds of businesses and ‘diversify' their holdings by industry, country and market… They tend to concentrate their capital into a small number of high growth opportunities for longer periods.

While they can't sell their investments as fast as you can on the stock market, they gain value and certainty.

Extremely rich people make these deals all the time.

And they're not that hard to do. But you need millions.

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So what does this have to do with you?

You might not sit with R100 million to invest in a lucrative African renewable energy project…

And you might never be in the room when a company that is in the process of rolling fibre optic networks throughout the country offers shares to a select few investors.

But if you look, you can find a few incredible opportunities like this in the stock market!

You see, there are hundreds of businesses in the R100 – R1 billion range in South Africa.

Many of them are not yet willing to list on the stock exchange.

But they are willing to offer shareholding to individuals that have the money to invest alongside them…

And these often include private equity funds and equity investment funds that are listed on the JSE. 

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Two options to invest ‘alongside’ the rich

There are a number of ways any ordinary South African can invest alongside the ultra rich…

Ultra Rich Investment #1 - Invest alongside SA’s first black billionaire

Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe earned a LLB in 1988 and became the first black partner in the prestigious Bowman Gilfillan law firm in 1994.

In 1997 Motsepe bought gold mines from Anglo Gold. As the gold price was falling and the mines were old, he got them at a great price – setting up African Rainbow Minerals with $8.2 million debt. Today he’s turned African Rainbow Minerals into a R24 billion company, and he owns around 40% of it indirectly.

Now he’s founded another business that’s set to make him even richer.

The company I’m talking about is called African Rainbow Capital Investments (JSE:AIL).

It is invested in around 34 different companies. The majority of them are unlisted companies, with the single largest investment being in RAIN (and Metrofibre) which is a telecoms company specifically operating in the data provision space.

Other investments include:
  • BKB, Acorn Agri and Subtropico in the agriculture sector,
  • Afrimat and Elandsfontein in the mining sector,
  • A2X – South Africa’s third new stock exchange,
  • CSG Holdings, EOH and Alexander Forbes as listed companies.The share price traded on par with the value of the share for the first month or so, but as the listing hype decreased, the share price dropped as is typically the case with newly listed companies.

Right now, the share sits at R6.35, with the value per share at R8.75.

That means you get it today at a 27% discount to its real worth.

And that’s while the company still sits with a massive R1.98 billion bank balance to make further investments…

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Ultra Rich Investment #2 - Invest alongside the largest private equity fund in Africa
Ethos Private Equity is the largest private equity firm in sub-Saharan Africa. The company gets large investments from institutions and investors with millions to spare.

It then invests in small, unlisted companies and grows them much bigger. In fact, it often then lists the companies it invested in in the first place. Just think about companies like Transaction Capital, Holdsport and Alexander Forbes.

Over the years it has returned investors, more than 37% annualised effective growth a year.

Best of all 93% of all the investments Ethos has made have returned more than DOUBLE the money initially invested!

And Ethos has listed a private equity investment on the JSE called Ethos Capital Partners (JSE: EPE).

When it listed, Ethos raised R1.8 billion from investors, at R10 per share.

It listed in mid-2016. Then the company started making investments. At this stage, it has not yet invested all of the cash it raised.

So what is Ethos invested in? We’re talking about businesses such as Autozone, Twinsaver, Primedia, Waco and Eaton Towers.

Eaton Towers for instance is a little known company I find very attractive. It builds and leases cell towers to mobile operators across Africa.

Or Eazi Access, which is an industrial machinery rental group.

And then there’s even MTN Zakele – the MTN BEE scheme – which Ethos has also invested in.

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You get this share at a massive discount

Ethos listed at R10, it’s grown the value per share to R10.76, and its yet to invest all of its capital. All the while, the share price sits at R7.75. That means a discount of 28%!

Overnight the market could realize the value proposition in these shares. Not only the massive opportunity to invest in fast growing companies that are unavailable to ordinary investors, but also the massive discount both these shares offer on their listing prices and the value of their investments.

When that happens, you want to have already bought in on these shares…
Here’s to unleashing real value
Francois Joubert
Red Hot Penny Shares 
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"It's not often I give up details on two great shares to buy
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