Last time Brent Crude rose we made 17%, now it's about to rise again - so let's profit!

by , 11 October 2018

Last month, I made a prediction that Brent Crude was heading to $80. At the time it was trading at just $73…

Two weeks later, it hit the target.

While other analysts were making gloom and doom predictions, we took advantage of the rise and made 17%.

And now for the first time since 2014, the Brent Crude price has hit a new high price at $81, and I'm afraid the rise has only just begun.

Today I'm going to share why the oil price is set to rocket higher and what you can do to profit from it…


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China’s big decision could send Brent Crude soaring
Recently, we saw that China decided NOT to place tariffs on US Brent Crude.
This means, Unipec, the trading unit of state-owned Sinopec, have set to increase their oil imports from the United States.  
This means, we could see imports rise from an average 300,000 barrels per day to 500,000 barrels per day in the next year.
As oil has a high demand and high supply, the price of Brent Crude will continue to rise.
“a spike to 90$ per barrel is likely”
Another reason why I expect a rise is because of the US sanctions on Iran.
Some countries that import Iranian oil, have now stopped in fear of US backlash.
This meant, oil exports in Iran have dropped.  And this is the reason why J.P Morgan mentioned in their latest outlook that “a spike to $90 per barrel is likely” in the coming months.
For once in a blue moon, I agree with the analyst
Not only because of the rationale, but also because the chart says it all…
In the above daily chart of Brent Crude, we can see from early April 2018 up until early September 2018, a ‘Rounding Bottom’ pattern formed.
This pattern resembles a big U-shape (blue line) where the price dips from a high price ($80) down to a low price ($71) and then back to the previous high.
This is known as a continuation pattern, because you can expect the price to continue in the direction of the previous trend.
To calculate the next target of the rounding bottom, you’ll simply use the high and low price.
Target = (High – Low) + High
          = ($80 - $71) + $80
          = $89
In the coming months, we can expect the Brent Crude price to rocket to $89.

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So how do you take advantage of this move?
Either you can profit by going long (buying) the Brent Crude CFDs that your broker offers and hold it until it hits $89.
Or when a resource company trade lines up that moves when Brent Crude moves, we’ll get in and profit from the rise.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
P.S: Last month, we banked a double-digit gain which was a no-brainer trade with African Rainbow Minerals CFD when Brent Crude ran up – DON’T MISS THE NEXT PROFIT OPPORTUNITY. 

Last time Brent Crude rose we made 17%, now it's about to rise again - so let's profit!
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