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MATI Trader System vs The Forex Profit Box and which is best for you

by , 11 December 2019
MATI Trader System vs The Forex Profit Box and which is best for you
Q. "Further to your offer, I am considering purchasing the MATI Trader System Programme and the Forex Profit Box.

I am a lifetime member-do I qualify for any additional discounts on these two programmes?"
A. There are no special offers for both trading programmes as already they are at very affordable prices compared to most trading programmes which can normally cost from R15,000 up to R35,000.  
Q. "If either or both programmes are purchased is there direct access to Timon or a forum?
Hopefully the former, and if so how do I access?."
A. As the MATI Trader System Programme is offered independently through my personal company called ‘MATI Trader’, you'll receive an email address to contact his team directly.  
The Forex Profit Box on the other hand is a separate trading programme I created for FSP Invest.
You'll be able to ask me a question through our customer service team who will direct the question to me or through our Facebook page.  
Q. "The lifetime guarantee for these programmes seems to be conditional upon 20 trades being taken.
However, I imagine a lot of money can be lost before the guarantee is applicable and honoured, what is your take on this?"
A. The life time guarantee also applies, if you take 20 paper (demo) trades using the system as presented. 
This way you have nothing to lose financially, once you've tested the system through a paper account.  
Q. "What is the difference between the two packages? Is the MATI Trader System programme only for shares and stocks and can options be traded using this?"
A. The content, calculations, information, visually and audibly are completely different when it comes to both programmes.
The Forex Profit Box programme focuses and works best on certain currencies, commodities, time frames and strategies.  
The MATI Trader System Programme, focuses on CFDs and Spread Trading derivatives on mainly shares and indices. 
Q. "Do these packages complement one another or is the purchase of one sufficient to trade all instruments (stocks, shares, forex, commodities, etc.)?"
A. These programmes definitely complement each other and I believe that if you want to take your trading seriously and on a more professional level, I would recommend investing in both programmes. 
Q. "Is there continued lifetime support? Are there any additional charges?"
A. No there are no extra costs or charges once you own both programmes.
And yes, there will always be a support team to assist you, throughout your journey of becoming a successful trader.  
This is what makes us different from the rest. We don't only offer programmes but we also offer hand holding throughout the journey.  
Q. "In Timon’s description reference is made to “his team of traders”-does Timon have/manage a fund or brokerage for investors?"
A. No, I have not taken this direction in my career.
Instead, I prefer and thrive on helping others make financial and trading decisions for themselves.  
I do however, I do run a few trader services where I offer trading signals and ideas based on the systems I teach in the MATI Trader System Programme and the Forex Profit Box programme.

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Q. "Generally, how long are trades held? Thinking of the swap charges on FX and commodities?"
A. With the Forex Profit Box programme you'll see the trades are held for a couple of days whereas with the MATI Trader System Programme – a few weeks.  
Q. "Could these systems be used for day trading and scalping? Reference is made to two trades per month, I presume a lot more trades can be taken in a month?"
A. Both strategies can be used on any style or time frame with trading.
The reason is these principles are universal, to any high volume traded market.
Q. "Mention is made that Forex trading is tax free in South Africa up to a limit? What is the tax-free limit and does this apply to trading of shares and stocks?"
A. As you're trading derivatives of the underlying markets rather than actually owning the actual market, there are no tax costs you'll have to pay with CFDs or through Spread Trading. 
Q. "Are there any trading indicators or other softwares that have to be downloaded and maintained through payments?"
A. No, all recommended trading platforms are web-interfaced so require no continuous payments or downloads ever.  
Q "Can the two packages be applied to all trading platforms or are they specific to certain platforms?"
A. As both programme's focus on price action type charts, it should work on all charting platforms. 
Q. "What are the daily trading emails?"
A. These are all the trades sent through my Red Hot Storm Trader service through FSPInvest's platform and functionality.  
Q. "Does the MATI Trader System programme make use of any similar daily schedule “cheat sheet”?"
A. Yes - the cheat sheet you’ll receive is merely a blueprint of the trading strategy that tells you when to get into your trades, where to place your trading levels and where to get out of your trade.  
Q. "Can either or both of these packages be used for cryptocurrencies?"
A. Yes it will work with Crypto-currencies. However I only recommend using the strategies on the top 5 and most traded crypto markets only as the system works on high liquid markets.  
Q. "With the two packages, are these hard copies and or are they downloaded online?"
A. Both programmes are downloaded ONLINE only. 
Q. "My understanding is that FSP Invest and it's associated companies are not registered with the relevant regulatory financial authorities?"
A. No FSP Invest is not a financial institution but a research publishing company that provides research from investment and trading specialists.
Final words from Timon:
Thank you Leonard for the questions for the week. I hope your decision to invest in the MATI Trader System Programme and the Forex Profit Box programme will aid in your future career as a trader. 
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Founder, MATI Trader System

MATI Trader System vs The Forex Profit Box and which is best for you
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