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NB! Public Announcement - Please READ!

by , 20 March 2019
NB! Public Announcement - Please READ!
Please note FSPInvest Members: There are a number of scammers out there using my face on WhatsApp, Facebook and on other external websites. Before you consider joining one of these false services, please report what you find, so I can try resolve the issues ASAP.
You can report any suspicious activity to timon@fsp.co.za
I will never ask for your money to manage as I am
NOT a financial advisor.
Thank you.
What a loyal Trading Tips reader has to say:
"Hi Timon, as an FSP member, I really enjoy your well researched investment opportunities. I find that you’re a genius. Please don’t tire out and keep up the good work. Now it’s time to build a legacy by following your trading recommendations to make a fortune in the hum of the financial markets.
Thank you for sharing these hidden treasures for common people, which contributes to a life changing opportunity."
If you’d like to share your feedback on whether you’re enjoying Trading Tips or how we can improve, feel free to send it to timon@FSP.co.za.
Q. "Hi Timon, I have heard that the new way to trade and profit from the markets is by trading through EA robots. Could you explain what an EA robot is and how do I choose the best one?"
A. An EA robot stands for Expert Advisor Robot. This is an artificial intelligence system that takes trades on your behalf automatically, once a certain set of criteria are met.
The AI robots are becoming more advanced with accurate pattern recognition software and managing a trader's risk.  
As revolutionary as it sounds, you need to be very careful with which robot you decide to use. Many amateur computer boffins are creating their own robots which are scamming people out of thousands of Rands. 
This is due to:
1. A losing historical trading system
2. High risk and low reward criteria 
3. False promises from how the system works ideally and how it works in the real world and in real time.
Before you choose a robot through MT4, IG, MetaStock or through another trading platform make sure you do the following: 
1. Ask for a historical track record of over five years of results. Any less and they'll be curve fitting (basing results on the short term the system has been in operation)
2. Read through their marketing carefully. If they promise you ridiculous returns of millions or a high win rate of over 90%, run for the hills. No consistent winning trading system can ever achieve a 90% win rate in the long run, due to the ever unpredictable and ever changing market environments.  
3. Read the reviews from others who've tested the system and who have made consistent returns (with winners and losers) over time.  
4. Once you have a trading strategy or EA robot, feel free to email me and I'll first test it and provide my feedback on whether it's a strategy I would pursue or not.
This simple strategy beats ANY investment hands down - and to claim R1,558, R766, R1,342 or even R1,433 instant pay outs, simply add me to your contacts...
There's no big secret. No flashy equipment. No pie-in-the-sky schemes...
Quite simply, I'm going to make you an extra R5,100 a month from trading...
The SMS’s I'll be sending you will each contain simple, profitable trade instructions.
Sceptical? I understand…
Click here to learn more about my incredibly simple plug and play investment strategy.
Q. "Timon, do you send out trading ideas on Forex. That is what I wanted but now I am only receiving trading ideas on the JSE Top 40 companies. Is there another trader service I can subscribe to where I'll start receiving trading signals on Forex as well?"
A. Yes most definitely. The trader service you're looking for that offers Forex opportunities is PickPocket Trader.  
I recommend you stay subscribed to Red Hot Storm Trader as well, as this way you’ll be exposed to both local and international markets.  
You can read about the differences between the trader services we have to offer here.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

NB! Public Announcement - Please READ!
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