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One stock to buy that could net you more than 40% gain in 10 months!

by , 04 February 2020
One stock to buy that could net you more than 40% gain in 10 months!
As predicted, Telkom's (TKG) share price has fallen since I tipped it as a sell above R94.00 eight months ago.

It has plummeted 60% so you could have made some good money shorting this stock.

Now I believe the tide is turning on Telkom as it bounces from R30. The slide is over, and patient investors could make money buying today.

Here's why...
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People are ignoring one of the biggest reasons to buy TKG today, and that’s its dividend policy.
It must pay out 60% of headline earnings as an annual dividend... this includes an interim dividend of 40% of interim headline earnings.
Forecasts are for Telkom’s earnings to remain flat for the full year to 31 March 2020, but even if it contracts by 40%, it will achieve earnings around R4.
That means it will still have to declare a R1.70 dividend in March (R0.7152c received in the interim period) for a full year dividend around R2.40. Add in the interim dividend at the end of this year and TKG is on a dividend yield well over 7%.
Its results are in line with expectations and the dividend policy remains unchanged, TKG will deliver over 10% in dividend in 2020.
Looking at the chart, the R30 support level should form the base for future rallies.
I see Telkom as a Buy below R35 and you could see over 30% growth in the share price. Plus bank over 10% in dividends before year end.
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Make 25% per year with this sustainable investing product
Investec have created South Africa’s first ESG structured product. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing refers to a class of investing that is also known as sustainable investing.
Investec’s latest AutoCall will give investors 100% downside protection, provided the index doesn’t fall more than 40% within a five-year term.
The annual return is fixed at 25%, with the opportunity to receive your capital plus 75% growth after year 3 if the index is flat or positive.
If not, it rolls over to year 4 where the same observation happens, but you can bank 100% growth. If the index is still down on the 5th anniversary, investors will receive their capital back plus 125% growth if the index is flat or positive.
If not, the investor will receive 100% back if the index isn’t down 40% or more.
Bear in mind the minimum investment is R100,000.
For more information on these investment opportunities or other ways to invest, simply email me on trader@protrade.co.za and I can give you a call to discuss
Gavin McCarter,
Finova Capital, Wealth Manager

One stock to buy that could net you more than 40% gain in 10 months!
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