Take control of your trading success

by , 02 August 2018
Take control of your trading success
Q. “Before I start trading, I'd like to know what I'll be able to control and not control with my trading?”

What you CAN’T control as a trader
  • Which way the market will move
  • An act of god
  • News events that take place within a market or about a particular company…
What you CAN control as a trader
  • Your trading strategy
  • The market you wish to trade
  • Entry and exit levels
  • Your risk per trade
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Q. “What news services do you read when it comes to trading shares
As a trader, you’ll only need this one service when you trade shares or CFDs.
SENS (Stock Exchange News Services).  
SENS will release live facts about companies before the news stations get to them. 
I’m talking about new listings, potential corporate take-overs, dealings by directors, interim and annual reports etc…
When you read SENS on a daily basis, you’ll know the facts on the companies that you hold shares or CFDs with. 
Remember to sort the real from the sensationalist – so avoid Bloomberg, Reuters and CNN.
Q. “How do I go about placing the trade tips that are e-mailed and sms'ed to me with Red Hot Storm Trader?”   
A. There are two ways you can go about placing a trade when you receive an email or SMS from Red Hot Storm Trader.
First you can phone your broker and tell them to buy or sell the CFDs at the levels I give you and tell them how much you’re willing to risk per trade.  
Second, you can go online and place your entry and risk levels on your trader platform.
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Q. “Good day Timon. In today’s recommendation, what is AMS CFDs? I'm using GT247 MT5 and searched but couldn't find the name.”
AMS is a share code for Anglo American Platinum Ltd
In the future, Type in Google "JSE (Share code)" which in this case is "JSE AMS".
Then a new page will open which will give you the full name of the company.
Then you'll simply phone your broker and ask them for the code for Anglo American Platinum which may have a different code on the broker's platform.
Always remember, “Wisdom yields Wealth” 
Timon Rossolimos,
Managing editor, Red Hot Storm Trader

Take control of your trading success
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