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The one thing you must do before the end of the year to ensure your savings don't end up on the junk heap

by , 05 December 2019
The one thing you must do before the end of the year to ensure your savings don't end up on the junk heap
If you've been following the news, you'll know that Moody's recently changed its outlook for South Africa to negative. That means our sovereign debt is one step away from ending up in the dustbin.

If that happens, it'll have far reaching consequences for SA Inc. and your locally-held savings and investments.

This isn't something you should take lightly.

You need to protect your hard-earned savings!

But where do you begin?

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The best move you can make with your money before 31 December 2019
First, you need to get those funds out of the country.
Now you can do this in two ways:
You can use your bank to send the funds across the border. But I wouldn’t advise it.
The big banks are renowned for their high currency conversion fees and can set your savings back between 2% and 4% before your funds even leave the country.
That’s why I prefer to use a treasury agent. They tend to be more transparent with their fees and their rates can be up to 75% cheaper than the banks.
Rand Swiss, for example, is a South African Reserve Bank approved treasury agent.
We can assist you with moving funds to over 65 countries in more than 25 currencies. So, if you’re in the market for a treasury agent, give us a shout.
Just make sure you do this BEFORE the end of 2019 and your Single Discretionary Allowance (SDA) lapses.
And since your SDA allows you to send R1 million offshore each year, if you send R1 million now, it means you can send another R1 million offshore come January.
And don’t worry if you’ve already used up your SDA for the year. Rand Swiss can also help you secure a SARS clearance absolutely FREE.
So, now you’ve decided to go offshore, the next question is where do you send the funds?
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Where to park funds offshore for maximum flexibility and return
This time you have a few options.
The easy option is to send it to an offshore bank account. Doing this means you’ll earn interest and if the rand continues to weaken against other major currencies, this will add extra growth to your bottom line in rand terms.
A bank account gives you a lot of flexibility when making international payments.
But if you’re a South African resident and only hold a South African passport setting up international accounts can be quite tricky.
There are excellent Isle of Mann based products from Standard Bank. A particularly useful account for global citizens is the Optimum account.
But, if it were my money, I’d rather invest it.
Even though inflation is much lower overseas the interest rates on bank deposits are nothing to get excited about. And, when the world is your oyster, why settle for a cash return anyway.
International investment markets are around 200 times the size of the SA universe.
By opening an offshore stockbroking account, you can get access to all major stock exchanges around the world such as the NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, HKSE and many more.
Not only can you select from an enormous universe of ETFs and stocks, you can buy corporate and government bonds from around the world.
Now a huge variety of choice often leaves people frozen with indecision. If you’re struggling to find direction in overseas markets, you could look at working with a specialist offshore advisor.
Of course if you’d like to work with me directly, feel free to drop me a line on support@randswiss.com and I’ll help you get offshore. And remember, if you’re uncomfortable with managing your own money use and investment professional!
Christo Krog,
Rand Swiss, Wealth Manager

The one thing you must do before the end of the year to ensure your savings don't end up on the junk heap
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