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The Real Secret to Stock Market Profits

by , 21 August 2018
The Real Secret to Stock Market Profits
Did you know in a 200-year period, nothing has come close to matching the long-term compounded returns of stocks?

In a study conducted by University of Pennsylvania finance professor, Jeremy Siegel,
showed that every $1 invested in:

• Treasury Bills, grew to $5,061

• Bonds were worth $18,235

• Gold rose to $32.84 204

And stocks returned a phenomenal $12.7 million.

But do you know the REAL reason why stocks outperformed by such a margin?

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This secret produced 97% of all stock market profits for investors over a 135-year period
Dr. Siegel then conducted a study over a 135 period and found that only one particular kind of stock produced 97% of all stock market profits for investors over a 135-year period. 

Economists, Kathleen Fuller of the University of Georgia and Michael Goldstein of Babson College and Standard & Poors conducted similar studies over different spans of time, 1970 to 2000 and 1980 to 2003 only to discover the exact same result.

A particular type of listed company was capable of higher returns than other companies. 

They also determined that they were not only higher paying but their returns were even better in declining markets.

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We call them Perpetual Income Stocks because they just keep paying – even in declining markets – here’s why

Most investors know them as dividend paying stocks.

And the reason they have consistently delivered higher returns even in declining markets is because in all of the studies above the dividends were reinvested!

This is the key!

By reinvesting you offset any short-term loss by adding to the number of shares you own. The more shares you own the bigger the dividend payout. The bigger dividend payout when reinvested wipes out short term drops in share price.

The perpetual income payers in my Real Wealth portfolio have also proved to be our most profitable.

Just take a look:

• Oceana returned 250.8% in5 years
• Capitec returned 398% in 7 years
• Mr Price returned 188%in 4 years

So, if you’re looking to add the next wave of quality dividend-paying stocks to your portfolio, the best place to start is here.

See you next week.

Joshua Benton, Managing Editor Real Wealth

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The Real Secret to Stock Market Profits
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