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There is more than one way to double your money on the Rugby World Cup

by , 03 October 2019
There is more than one way to double your money on the Rugby World Cup
A couple of people have been emailing and texting me non-stop about the odds during the rugby world cup.

Here's one saying:

“They're terrible! - how do you expect to make any money from these odds?”

And he has a good point.

Just look at these two games:

France vs USA and New Zealand vs Canada
From the odds you can see that a bet on France to beat the USA would only give you a meagre 0.04.
If you bet R100 on France to win, you’d only walk away with R4!
Yes, a meagre R4 profit from a R100 risk.
It gets worse when looking at betting on New Zealand vs Canada.
A R100 bet on New Zealand to beat Canada would only give you R0.10!
10 friggin cents! – It’s outrageous.
There is just no point in betting on the favourite here.
But, there are other markets you can bet on, and they have much more attractive odds than going for the outright winner.
Let me explain…
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What you need to know about rugby bets

Handicap betting
“The Handicap market is a numerical figure set by the bookmaker to counter the perceived bias in abilities of opponents”
This may sound like complete jargon, so I’ll explain it in a simpler term.
The handicap market levels the playing field by accounting for a perceived strength of the players by literally applying a score to their handicap.
Meaning that you can give a team with the perceived advantage on the field, a ‘handicap’ on the score board.
Giving bettors the opportunity to find more value when backing the favourite.
For example, if you are betting on New Zealand to beat the British and Irish Lions, and in the handicap market New Zealand are -10 to win, then essentially you are betting that New Zealand will win by 11 points or more. 
Winning margin
Similar to a handicap bet, with a winning margin bet you are betting that one team will win by a certain number of points.
One key difference here is that odds on a winning margin are often higher than a handicap, because you are betting on a winning margin within a certain window.
For example, New Zealand might be 0.45 to win with a -5 handicap but are 4.5 to win by 6-10 points. In both cases you expect New Zealand to win by more than five points, but with a winning margin bet, you’re putting a cap on how much they will win by.
It’s a riskier bet than a handicap bet, but that means there is also more reward.
Just look at the difference:
-5 handicap at 0.45, means R100 bet would give you R45 profit. However, with a winning margin bet a R100 bet would yield you R450 in profit.
But a word of WARNING – if New Zealand were to win by more than 10 points, your bet will fail. With a handicap bet, all New Zealand have to do is win by 6 or more points, there is no cap on how much they can win by. 

Minor rugby markets 
Anytime Try scorer
Anytime try scorer, is any player one the field may score a try any time during the full time game play. So any player you select to score a try will need to score at least one try for your bet to come out success.
In rugby, the winger scores the first try more often than not, with one study that suggests this occurs 70% of the time.
If the winger doesn’t score the first try, it’s more frequently a member of the back line than a forward.
During the 2016 Rugby Championships, in all six matches that New Zealand played, a member of the backline scored the first try.
And out of those six games, four of them were the wingers!
In that same competition, South Africa saw their opening try scored by a winger 50% of the time.
This is a great alternative to betting on the outright market as the odds range from 0.5 to 5 and higher. Meaning with a R100 bet you can see profits anywhere from R50 up to R500. 
Race To 10 Points
This is simple, the first team to hit 10 or more points will see your bet win.
However, if neither team is able to get to 10 points, your bet should be void and your stake refunded back to you. 
Red Card/ Yellow Card
Again you’re betting on whether either team will get a red or yellow card.
The stats will show you that in rugby a red card is given far less than a yellow card. 
For example, during South Africa vs Namibia, the Namibians saw two yellow cards in that game. 
First Try Converted
This is another minor rugby market as it looks to see if the first try that is scored will be converted. It’s a simple yes or no question and can easily be answered by looking at the teams kickers.
For South African kicker Elton Jantjies, his goal kicking accuracy sees a 78% success rate in 2019 alone. 
And these stats are easy to come by, just take a look at rugbypass.com for all your rugby stats.
These alternative rugby betting markets will offer you much better odds that will double your money during the Rugby World Cup.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon,
The Winning Streak Team
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There is more than one way to double your money on the Rugby World Cup
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