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This could be the #1 crypto in the future

by , 10 September 2018
This could be the #1 crypto in the future
Stand aside bitcoin and Ethereum!

There's a new crypto storming the market.

And it could revolutionise the way the world transacts and more!
Things are hotting up fast already…

In three weeks, it's price surged 65% - from $0.43 in August to $0.72 in September.

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So what’s all the fuss with newbie – IOTA

It all starts with VW’s I.D Vizzion - a future concept electric vehicle that’s self-driving.


Inside this car, it’s connected to the cloud, networks, 5G, it’s synced with your home, your phone, your office. It knows things because it’s a mass consumer of data – your data, your personal data.

No matter where you are, at any given moment in time you’re fully connected with the car, and the car is fully connected to you, all of your devices and the environment around it.

And the only way this is all possible is thanks to connected devices, also known as the ‘internet of things’ (IOT).

But even more so, this future is connected through decentralised, distributed networks, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and importantly...M2M transactions.

You see, today, data is one of the most valuable commodities on earth. And through distributed, decentralised ledger technology, M2M transactions and the IoT, how we utilise that data, how we pay for it, send it, store it and spend it, is all set to change.

And it’s thanks to the IOTA.

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Because of the unique technology it is built on, Tangle, not Blockchain, the more users it gets the faster and more efficient it becomes. Whereas Blockchain breaks down and becomes congested.

The reason this is so important says Sam Volkering is that Tangle will form the backbone of IOTA enabling it to deliver “a connected cryptocurrency network to our upcoming autonomous Machine Economy.”

The Tangle ledger is able to settle transactions with zero fees as well as store data.

And it’s this future world of M2M transactions and M2M communication that has some of the world’s best and biggest companies kicking down the door to get involved with IOTA. And for investors with IOTA tech rolled out across billions of global IoT and connected devices, it’s the MIOTA token at the centre of it all that is the token needed to facilitate these nano payments to make it all happen.

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#1: VW confirmed it’s putting cryptos into its cars

VW has already partnered with the IOTA Foundation to start integrating IOTA into its cars from next year.

In fact, the first Volkswagen product to use IOTA’s Tangle is expected to be released sometime in 2019.

But the current price surge comes on news of this partnership.

#2: Fujitsu plans to make IOTA their new protocol standard in supply chain and audit trails

Fujitsu has announced IOTA will be the “new protocol standard” in its supply chain and audit trails.

Basically that means Fujitsu will be using IOTA to make its manufacturing processes more efficient and easier to audit.

If IOTA does become the “new protocol standard” of manufacture, as Fujitsu seems to be banking on, this will lead to a massive adoption of IOTA.

But even if it’s just Fujitsu that ends up using it, it will still be a massive boon for IOTA. This is what IOTA was designed for, to make the Internet of Things (IOT) possible. To become the glue that holds it all together.

So now IOTA has Bosch, Volkswagen and Fujitsu using it in their processes. Each of these companies is a titan in its respective industry, and they are all backing – and more importantly using – IOTA.

The thing is, if IOTA can deliver on its promises, it could well become the one crypto to rule them all.

That’s all for this week.

See you next week,

Joshua Benton,
Managing Editor,
 The South African Investor

P.S. IOTA is just ONE crypto we’re backing to revolutionise the world in the future. There are 7 others that could exactly the same – find out what they are right now.

This could be the #1 crypto in the future
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