Three tips for bigger rugby betting returns

by , 17 May 2018
Three tips for bigger rugby betting returns
I've just finished having lunch with one of my contacts at Super Sport.

A real rugby nut head - who always seems to lead the conversation towards the weekend's rugby games.

So much so, we hardly talk about any other sport.

But its this kind of passion and insight that helps me improve my rugby betting.

Out of this discussion, I learnt three things I need to pay more attention to when it comes to profiting from rugby betting. Here they are…

Do you find this hard to believe?
So did I when I first heard about it.
But once I saw how much ordinary investors were making… 
Tip number 1: research the fact not the opinion
Yeah, we all know research is key  but too often we focus on opinions rather than looking at the facts.  And we cloud our judgment with this opinion.
Opinions are only useful if they come from the right person – namely an expert who has access to all the insider knowledge of the rugby team or players on the ground. And you have to remember, even if it comes from an expert, are you sure about his motives for sharing it?
After all, every opinion comes with a certain bias.
A bias that could cost you…
So, research should be focused on the following to avoid this cost: 
  • Player Injuries in both teams
  • Where the game will be played. i.e, home or away
  • Current team form
  • Head to head statistics
Once you’ve got all of that done, then it will be time to watch both team’s previous matches.
This way you can see if the team plays better at home or away, and if certain players are playing with good form.
So research the fact – not the opinion!
Tip Number 2: The real money is not made on the favourites!
There is more than one way you can profit from a single game of rugby.
You don’t have to go for the outright winner.
And believe me, sometimes there is just no value in betting on the outright winner.
Just look at this weekend’s games and you’ll see what I mean:

As you can see, there isn’t much value in going for the favourite.
Looking at the Hurricanes vs the Reds. A R100 wager on the Hurricanes to win will only give you a pay out of:
R100 x 0.025=R2.50
And you’ve risk R100 for 2.5% profit.
You’re wasting your time and your money betting on them.
So, you have to look elsewhere…
Just look at what the bookies offer – there is a lot to choose from.
Such as: 
  • The rugby handicap market
  • Number of try’s
  • Number of yellow and red cards
  • Race to 10 points
  • Who will score the first try…
The list goes on and on. And they all offer more value than just going for an outright winner.
This brings me to my final tip.   
Very soon, controversial new legislation will come into effect:  
And it could cause the price of one little-known stock to explode.
Investors who move before then could see gains of as much as 120% in the next 12 months
Tip Number 3: The 5% Rule!
This is probably the most important tip, as I’ve seen many people including my mate at Super Sport, bet more than they can afford to lose.
And it cost them.
It’s important to manage your bankroll correctly. And you can do this by implementing a sound staking system and sticking to it.
A basic staking system is a fixed one.
Fixed as a rand value or a percentage value of your bankroll.
For example, if your bankroll is R10,000.
A fixed rand value should be no more than 5% of your initial bankroll.
R10,000 x 5%=R500
So, every bet you would place a R500 stake.
A fixed percentage of your bankroll is my favourite staking method for beginners.
For example, your bankroll is R10,000, but your first bet is a loss.
So it’s down to R9,500
Your next staking amount would be as follows:
R9,500 x 5%=R475
This staking method is great, because if you’re doing badly, you’ll bet less. But if you’re doing well you bet more.
It’s a great way to not run through your entire bankroll and wipe it out in a flurry of bets.
There you have it. I guarantee you these three tips are a great foundation for your rugby betting profits.
Until next time,
Christopher Ammon
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Three tips for bigger rugby betting returns
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