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Timon my wife caught me!

by , 09 May 2019
Timon my wife caught me!
Q. "Hi Timon do you have a special members only place where we can get trade setups and follow your commentary? I am very keen to start trading and to follow trader signals again. I just wanted to know if someone is there to hold our hands in getting setup?"
A. The trader service is called Red Hot Storm Trader which I've been running since 2013. 
When you sign up, there are a couple of 'hand holding' goodies you'll receive to get you started.  
Goodie #1: Quick Start Guide to Trading 
In this free report you'll learn the starting steps you'll need to open a trading account and get started.  
Goodie #2: Successful Guide to CFD Trading 
In this comprehensive book you'll learn all about the world of trading CFDs, how to profit in up and down markets, how my 17 year trading strategy works and how the trader service works on a weekly basis.  
Goodie #3: Our Recommended Broker Letter
In this document you'll have all the information you'll need to open a trading account with one of our recommended brokers, what their cost structure entails and you'll receive their contact details to show you how to trade on their trading platform. 
Once you've gone through all of the starting goodies then you'll find that the 'hand holding' will continue. 
On a weekly basis you'll receive an SMS and an email on what CFD trade to buy, sell or adjust, what trades are lining up and how the open trades are performing as well as an easy guide on how to action a trade the quickest way.  
Earn yourself a comfortable second income
and beat the market!
Our elite trading analyst Timon Rossolimos has earned our members 217.91% in gains in just over a month.
You won’t find a winning service like this anywhere else.
Click here to become a member of this ELITE SERVICE.
What a loyal Trading Tips reader has to say:
"Timon you got me into trouble the other day. My wife caught me drinking a beer at 12pm on Wednesday. She asked me why I was drinking a beer so early and I told her you told me to have a beer after I've taken a trade in one of your earlier articles you wrote, that's stuck with me.  
I just wanted to thank you for this tip because not only did it quench my thirst but also it stopped me from taking any impulsive trades which I could have lost over R15,000."  
On behalf of our Board of Governors, I’d like to invite you to join The South African Investor
Our aim is, quite simply, to protect and expand your personal wealth through the traditional methods of making money…
However, I have to tell you upfront: we can only accept 275 new members this year. We have to limit numbers, and you’ll soon see why…
Q. "I read your article on how to make R50,000 a month trading with only R357,142. The question is do I invest this amount once off or must I invest that amount monthly to earn this R50,000?" 
A. The quick answer to this question, is it is a once off investment.  
The calculation to work out how to earn R50,000 a month is an overall average based on my historical track record over the last 10 years.  
Because the above is an average, you'll find there'll be some months where you might earn more than R50,000 a month as you banked more winning trades.
There'll also be months where the market environment is less favourable where you could take more losing trades than winning trades, where you could lose a certain amount for that month such as a R10,000 loss. 
If you think trading is just banking profits after profits every month, I'm afraid this isn't how the real world of trading works.
In fact, before the year even begins I recognise that I will have three to four losing months but I am happy if my average remains..
So, be aware of the good times and the bad times and always adjust your potential monthly profits and losses based on what your portfolio value is. 
If you have any other trading questions, I'll always be happy to answer them. You can email timon@fsp.co.za and you'll stand a chance to be featured in one of our Trading Tips articles. 
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader

Timon my wife caught me!
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