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"Timon… What is this 90 day profit challenge all about?"

by , 25 April 2018

Q." I signed up with GT247.com and set up my account. Currently, I am fooling around with the simulated trading application.

I came across trailing orders and have been trying to understand it. I didn't notice it in the guide when I initiated the subscription for Red Hot Storm Trader. It is somewhat confusing to implement, please help…"

A.  Trailing Stop Loss Order is simply a tool that you'll use to adjust your stop loss in a way to ensure you don’t end up losing money on a trade that is going your way. 
Trailing stops work very well for when you are riding the trend.
For example... Let's say you get into a trade. Here are the specifics.
Entry R100 per
Stop loss R80
Take profit R140
The price of the stock goes up to R120 per share.
This is when you lock in the profit and move your stop loss to R110.00.
This way if the price dropped to R110, you would bank yourself a decent gain instead of taking a loss.
We say we trailed the stop loss in the direction of the trend.
We follow a very specific trailing stop loss rule in Red Hot Storm Trader which has upped my win rate by 30%...

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Q. “Hi Timon. I am currently subscribed to Red Hot Storm Trader and have a broker account with GT247.com. I’m thinking of subscribing to Pickpocket Trader. Can I use the same broker?”hat’s SARS’ position on taxing your crypto profits?"
A. Pickpocket Trader is an offshore trader service which sends out buy and sell signals on international stocks, indices and commodities.
GT247.com does not have British CFD stocks to trade at the moment. So that’s why we recommend you use either ProTrade or Randswiss...

Q “Hi Timon – what is the 90 Day Profit Challenge – please tell me more about it?”
A. The 90 Day Profit Challenge is an opportunity for you to join my most elite subscribers of Red Hot Storm Trader risk-free for 90 days.
This is where you’ll receive my best trading CFD ideas, tips and secrets for the next 90 days.
And if by then you don’t bank a profit, you won’t have to pay me a single cent.
In those 90 days you’ll also receive:
~ Secrets of Successful Trading User guide – This is your complete introduction to the Red Hot Storm Trader strategy. How it works, why it works, with real examples from real recommendations. Everything is explained — nothing is kept secret
~ Quick Start Trading Guide - This is a brief guide to get you opening a trader account, knowing how trading works, how much money is ideal to profit and more...
~ FREE SMS Service - This free SMS will alert you of new trades and changes to our positions right away! So you don’t miss a thing.
~ Red Hot Storm Trader's Broker Letter —This is the final piece of your Red Hot Storm Trader library. Inside, you’ll find a quick rundown of online brokers. This free booklet helps you compare their fee structures and levels of service.
And you'll have this 90-day Challenge to try it yourself or claim the full subscription fee back. 


"Timon… What is this 90 day profit challenge all about?"
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