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Top 6 questions answered by Trader X on how he banked 354.67% in the last 4 months for his Pickpocket Traders

by , 08 November 2018
Top 6 questions answered by Trader X on how he banked 354.67% in the last 4 months for his Pickpocket Traders
Q. “Hi Trader X, did you just sum up all of the gains you've made for your subscribers and exclude the losses?”

A. Definitely not. I have not been in the trading game for 15 years, just to scam people…

No… The 354.67% gains are accumulated gains banked with winners and losers since July 2018…

In fact, I'll even show you the portfolio template I use to log the trade, in order for you to see…

Please note: I’m only showing you the current closed trades as we still have a number of trades opened since July…

Your Free Book is on hold
If you give me the go-ahead now, we’ll send your copy as soon as possible.
But hurry, copies are limited.
Inside, you’ll learn how to:
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The secret strategy long term investors use to keep R400,000 in gains out of SARS pocket and in their hands
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How to generate a R700,000 windfall starting with R10,000 using the oldest wealth trick in the world
Q: “Is there anything illegal in your method?”
A: This is a way to make money by trading the global markets and currencies, everything is 100% legal.
I use a mechanical trading strategy with a few money management rules, fundamental news released to the public and nothing else.
Q: “Really you can trade for only R1,000?”
A: For less money too. But the question is to evaluate the risk and that's the first thing I teach in the free report I’ll send you after this…
Q: “If it is so simple why are so few South Africans trading international equities and currencies now?”
A: The truth is, it comes down to two reasons.
One: Education - due to South Africa’s past social reality, most South Africans just simply have never been taught how easy it is to become a successful trader.
That’s why I started this trader service - to level the playing field.
Two: FEAR - many South Africans are AFRAID of trading - they are scared they are not smart enough, educated enough, rich enough or skilled enough to trade. They are afraid they will lose money.
Q: “How did you come up with the idea for this trader service?”
Over my 15 years of experience in the trading industry, specifically during my time working with new traders through my collaboration with FSPInvest.co.za, I saw the reasons why South African’s were not trading and I decided to do something about it.
I created Pickpocket Trader to show South Africans that trading international markets and currencies are not as scary, difficult and risky as most think.
The aim is to break down each of the obstacles and prove that trading is much easier than most say.
I put a lot of effort into making sure that you only need to spend a few minutes a week to simply follow instructions on just one SMS.
What’s great is that ANYONE can do it - regardless of their education or wealth - and includes concrete examples of how to make money through trading international markets and currencies with just a few minutes a week.
We’re breaking down centuries old financial barriers here!
To participate in this 15 year winning strategy... 
You do NOT have to be a financial wizard.
You do NOT have to have a large amount of money, and
You do NOT have to have any trading experience.
You should also know that this won’t require much of your time either… About 20 minutes a week is all you need.
Q: “Is your trader service available at the moment?”
Yes, but I’m only accepting 300 of the most loyal traders until 30 November 2018, and admissions will close after we have reached our target.
I recommend you sign up fast because as far as I know, it is the only international markets and currency trader service of its kind in South Africa.
So, join today, and tell your friends and family to join as well. Come learn how to earn big money from small money and about how trading really works.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,

Top 6 questions answered by Trader X on how he banked 354.67% in the last 4 months for his Pickpocket Traders
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