You should be worried…

by , 17 April 2018
You should be worried…
You should be worried.


Well, there's one industry in South Africa that's in absolute shambles. In fact, I would go as far as to say, this industry plays a huge role in how you live (even survive) in the future.

That's why you shouldn't ignore what I'm about to show you…
The numbers don’t lie…
Consider this…
Less than 10% of working South Africans can afford to retire.
Only 2% can actually retire and maintain their existing lifestyle.
A recent analysis of investment firm Allan Gray’s own clients confirmed, ”70% are likely to run out of money before they die”.
This is the sad state of South Africa’s retirement industry right now.
But who do you blame?
Seven filthy secrets to get rich quick
Have you noticed how some people always seem to have more money than others? They don’t necessarily have better jobs. Nor do they always earn amazing salaries. They just have more money.
But where... How... Did they get it?
What’s their secret?
Well, I’ve just released my new book - Little book of Big Income  - 7 Filthy secret to get rich quick – In it you will discover how ordinary people can become extraordinarily wealthy just by applying some fairly simple techniques – techniques the rich use to get even richer. But the secret to how they do it will astound you – the rich don’t do anything special, they just do it in a very special way, as I’ll explain in my e-book.
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Government eroding our hard-earned wealth through taxes, mismanagement and corruption?
Or financial services companies and financial advisors destroying retirement savings through underperformance and high fees?
You can say both as they play huge roles in determining how much wealth we accumulate.
But it is naïve to think someone else is responsible -  The truth is you need to take charge of your own financial future.
Here’s what most people do with their money!
According to Old Mutual’s Savings and Investment Monitor report 2017 results showed… 
  • About 15% goes into savings
  • 16% towards debt
  • Around 7% to medical and insurance
  • 62% is basically going into living expenses and lifestyle expenses

Read number 4 again. 62% for living and lifestyle expenses is an astounding figure.
Even if you were to halve the 62% to remove living expenses, there’s still 31% spent goes to lifestyle expenses.
To put that into context, someone who earns a salary of around R100,000 after tax, typically spends R31,000 on stuff they don’t need or have nothing to show for.
That’s double the savings amount and nearly double the debt amount.
That’s ludicrous!
Now you don’t have to wonder why so many South Africans can’t retire comfortably.
Now I’m not saying you have to give it all up… but there is something you can do about it without sacrificing your lifestyle! 
How to create Income for Life
It’s why I created The Little Book of BIG Income - Seven Filthy Secrets to get Rich Quick…
In short, it’s a book chock-full of proven tricks, loopholes, and insider secrets to living a wealthier, and more successful life without having to save!
With this book, you will be able to generate anywhere from a few hundred rands a month up to a few thousand rands without having to make sacrifices.
With these income secrets, you'll be able to set up as many reliable income streams as you want.
Always remember, knowledge brings you wealth,
Joshua Benton,

You should be worried…
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