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Your chance to join the NEXT multi-millionaire's club

by , 08 May 2018
Your chance to join the NEXT multi-millionaire's club
Did you know that every decade since the 1970's, the world has been defined by a core technological breakthrough?

And people who recognised these breakthroughs, turned into multi-millionaires, even billionaires.

You see, in the 1970's, mainframe computers emerged, which saw the rise of IBM.

In the 1980's, personal computers went mainstream, which saw Apple, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard become household names.

The 1990's saw the rise of the internet, which began Google's and Yahoo's domination.

Then in the 2000’s, social media was born and companies like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter surged.
Now, in the 2010’s, it's cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the powerful block chain technology behind them that will be the story of the decade.
And, what you need to know is…
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Each of these decade-defining technologies follows a predictable path
It’s called the Technology to Market Curve. Our sister company Banyan Hill in the US, illustrates it like this…

(Source: Banyan Hill)

It has four phases.

Phase one: “Hype” phase

This is when a brand new technology surfaces and is brought to market. When this happens, there’s massive expectation and hope for it.

People are excited and rush to invest in it.

Look what happened to the crypto markets in 2017?

The crypto craze saw Bitcoin fly from under $1k to almost $20k. Ethereum soared from around $9 to $700. And other smaller cryptos grew tens of thousands of percent.

This is the “make it or break it” phase for a new technology. Many never make it out of this phase because they never live up to the high expectations.

Phase Two: “Facing Reality” phase

In this phase, investor’s hype dies down and we enter into a “downturn”.

This downturn sees prices fall, some even fall drastically – just like many cryptos have experienced this year. Even Bitcoin’s price dropped more than 50%.

What’s interesting about this phase is, it doesn’t end until three key things happen:
  1. There’s broad adoption of the technology.
  2. There’s compelling signs that mass adoption is imminent.
  3. There’s a leader in the market that takes the technology out of the downturn.
In the 1990's, AOL led the internet out of the downturn. Today, it's bitcoin leading cryptocurrencies.
Phase Three: ”Lift-off” phase
This is the phase where fortunes are made. And right now, there’s evidence showing that we are about to see the start of the Lift-off phase in the crypto market.
In fact, it may have already begun. We are starting to see some huge gains over the last 7-days:

(Source: Coinmarketcap/3 May 2018)

Phase Four: “Sustainability” phase

During this phase, almost everyone uses the technology, and the biggest profits have already been made.

But this phase is still a good decade away for cryptos…

This would be when bitcoin or another major coin is as common as the dollar and every business transaction is logged on the block chain.

But before we get there, we could see years of aggressive market growth.

Understanding the “Technology to Market Curve” is the secret to moving early and making a potential fortune from breakthrough technology.

Just consider Amazon.

In the 1990's, the stock shot up to over $100 a share. Many people thought that was as high as it would ever go.

Then, the dot com bubble popped. This was Amazon’s Facing Reality phase. Its shares crashed to under $6.

To many people, they would never touch this company again. But investors who knew about the Curve, saw this as a buying opportunity. They scooped up shares, before the Lift-off phase kicked-off. And today, they’re sitting on huge gains of over 20,000%!
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I’m writing to you with urgency today because the crypto market is like the tech boom – but on fast forward.
The crypto revolution is evolving and maturing at light speed and its Lift-off phase could be imminent.
Just remember though, many cryptos won’t make it. Many will evaporate into the ether and you should only invest what you can afford to lose.
But, the core cryptos with ground-breaking tech and world-changing ideas could offer you Amazon-scale returns.
This is the opportunity at your feet with cryptos, right now. If you can see the huge potential here, then do something about it.
See you next week.

Joshua Benton,
The South African Investor
P.S. Get the full details of this rapidly unfolding situation in crypto markets – and find out what you can do profit from it.

Your chance to join the NEXT multi-millionaire's club
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